The Hypocrisy of Shiny Object Syndrome

The Hypocrisy of Shiny Object Syndrome

Shiny Object Syndrome - Kenneth Holland

In the affiliate industry we’re always told to not fall for Shiny Object Syndrome. Well…here’s when maybe you should…

Ever had a friend that couldn’t focus on one thing for more than 3 minutes?

We all have.

They jump in to something full force with intensity that’s off the charts and next thing you know they’ve abandoned it like Dean Martin at an apple juice convention…

…and they’re on to the next thing.

It’s very common, and a surefire way to get nothing done.

This article in Entrepreneur characterizes it as a disease of distraction. But in the affiliate world this goes a step further: It’s when the serial buyer keeps buying course after course thinking that their latest purchase will bring them the success they desire.

That’s a troublesome rabbithole…

The Gurus Say Not to Fall For Shiny Object Syndrome and ‘Don’t Buy Another Course’ , But Then Say You SHOULD Buy Their Stuff…

It sounds great, doesn’t it? Like they are trying to protect you as they rub your back soothingly….”no no…you don’t need another course…you have everything you need….’cept my shit”

Well…you kinda do.

Your education should always be ongoing. Should you blindly spend money and never implement anything? You know the answer to that so I won’t insult your intelligence. Investment without action will get you a big goose-egg.

This should not have to be explained.

Shiny Object Syndrome In Affiliate Marketing – Why You Should Invest in Different Coaching

The notion that you should you should not invest in more than one course or mentor is ridiculous. The most important reason is said course or guru might be wrong. Their information could be dated.

That course or mentor might not be a fit for you. In that case, you need to keep searching and learning.

The last thing you would ever hear me say is you need to only buy MY training. That’s crap. I don’t have all the answers. Wait….ok…no I don’t.

There’s a balance that needs to be struck. Learn all you can…but put it to use…EVERY DAY.


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