Profiting from 'Scams', Facebook's Curveball & Vlog Dreams - The Week in Review

Profiting from ‘Scams’, Facebook’s Curveball & Vlog Dreams – The Week in Review


facebook curveball - kenneth hollandLet’s make this clear: I was not born to be a video editor…or at least understand how to make one work. But alas, I did manage to get my first Vlog online this past week (you did sub to my Youtube channel, right??). But not without countless technical gremlins (has there ever been a nice gremlin??).

Now you may be asking “why are you Vlogging now…aren’t you a boring-ass (and extremely successful) internet marketer who just talks about SEO and VSL’s??” Well…yeah (on the successful part). But my master plan of world domination includes Vlogging…and this week it also includes some commentary on Sam’s Club (scary stuff), profiting from your ‘no’s’ (you scammer!), Facebook’s algorithm curveball (that pesky Mr. Zuck strikes again!) and some good ‘ol fashioned online training.

Let’s get you caught up…

Profiting from ‘Scams’, Facebook’s Curveball & Vlog Dreams – The Week in Review [VIDEO]

The people that never buy from you can make you wealthy…

Here’s the thing that a lot (all) of beginners do not realize: The people who come by your blog, sub to your email, Like your FB page and even just SEE your content actually help you make money for your biz. “What the…you’ve lost it now Ken!” That IS true. But know that ‘no’s’ that say ‘no’ do not know that you benefit from their…well…saying ‘no’. Trust me…I know what I’m talking about.

How to Build an About Us Page That Converts [Tutorial]

Remember the intro clip to ‘The Brady Bunch’? “Here’s the story…of a lovely lady…who was la la…da la….” well you get my point, right? Well, that’s what your ‘About’ page is…minus Greg Brady and his polyester pants. But seriously, that page is a vital source of branding and leads for your business. So I want to make sure it’s set up correctly.

My First Vlog…Starving and Dealing with Stupidity [Vlog 1]

Football, bad Apples, a huge-ass cheeseburger, bourbon and gambling. What could go wrong (don’t answer that!!)? It all DID go wrong, but I persevered anyway. Do you know how to edit video by the way…..?

Facebook’s Algorithm Change, Running Ads on Your Blog – Dot Com Live

We all wish we could own Buzzfeed, right? If we had that much traffic to our site we’d be on easy street. But we don’t. And therein lies the problem when it comes to running ads on your blog. Here’s why.

Why Sam’s Club (or just about any other employer) isn’t going to need you…

Sam’s Club just gave 11,000 folks the shaft. And there’s not a darn thing we can do about it. Hey, it’s their business. Look…there’s not a whole lot of humor to inject here. You need to read this (and watch my video) because things are changing fast and you don’t want to be caught with Greg Brady’s pants down (ok…I couldn’t resist). But you do need to watch this.

Facebook’s Huge Newsfeed Change – What You Need to Know

Mr. Z is at it again. Just when you thought you were out….Zuck pulls you back in! Facebook has made a major change to their newsfeed algorithm and now you will only see posts by Kim Kardashian (God…at least I hope not…that rump freaks out my horizontal scrollbar!). Ok, that’s not true. But they are changing what you will see big-time and you need to be prepared. (Swiss Army knife not included).

You now know more than 98 percent of the population. No….you don’t actually. But then again, neither do I. But that’s ok…sometimes ignorance is bliss, especially when it comes to knowing who’s getting voted off on Gilligan’s Island next week before it airs on TV. Eh…or is that…never mind.

And for criminy sakes make sure you’re subscribed to my email list and my social channels. That way, if Marky-Mark Zucky boy completely takes over the internet, we can still communicate and coordinate our bugout plans to the Arizona desert.

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