Why you can't run a business from your phone

Why you can’t run a business from your phone

run a business from your phone - Kenneth Holland

I just love the new wave of ads selling you the BS idea that you can run a business from your phone! No, you can’t. President? Yes. You? No. Here’s why…(…why do I have a TV remote to my ear???

It’s so easy.

So so easy.

“Run your business from your phone! Make thouuuuusands!!”


Smartphones have revolutionized communication. They do an amazing amount of things. There are an endless number of apps that gives us users an endless amount of ‘angles’ to (hopefully!) make our lives easier.

It can even help our business.

But you can’t run your entire business on it. Nor should you want to.

Disagree? Well let’s look…

From the practical side, it’s just hard and clunky. Just 20 minutes ago my girlfriend asked me how to change her payment information for her Amazon account. She was trying to accomplish this on her iPad. (Which I maintain, is much easier than a smartphone)

So, we hopped on my laptop (which is what I’m using right now to type this post because it would take me 10 times as long to do it on my phone) and changed her info in 2 minutes.

It’s no surprise I keep seeing these ‘opportunities’ on Social Media that claim you can run a full-time business solely on your phone.

No. You cannot. So stop falling for the hype.

I’m not against the advancement of technology. I love it. I’m a tech geek. But I’m also a realist. And being real (real helps if you’re going to be in business) means having a REAL computer to run your REAL business.

Smartphones are great. But they’re limited.

And honestly they ain’t that smart.

There was an article awhile back that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey doesn’t use a computer and runs his business from his phone.

Firstly, I don’t believe him. Did you hear that Jack? I don’t believe you. But let’s assume that I’m wrong…which I’m not…but let’s do it anyway.

He can get away with it. He runs a multi-billion dollar company. He can phone in ANYTHING he needs to get done in to his assistant…

…who runs everything on HER computer.

Not her phone.

Sure, a salesman uses his phone all day. At some point he has to go type some shit out…unless he sends that info to someone else who types that shit out…on their computer.

Again, resist the hype. Our society…more like our loveable hucksters out there…want to push ‘easy’ on you

“You can walk around all day and run your entire business on your phone while you cash in!”

No. You can’t. So stop.

Yes, use your phone whenever it’s practical.

Then go get a fucking computer and get some real work done.

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