December 18

Can I have some retargeting benefits with that email please?

retargeting benefts - Kenneth Holland
Do you remember the kid in school that got the retargeting benefits on his back with the words ‘kick me’ written on it? That was me. Now I make $$ with it

Do you remember the kid in school that got the piece of tape slapped on his back with the words ‘kick me’ written on it?

He was the one that got picked on hence the ‘kick me’ campaign.

In full transparency, I was victim of this on several occasions until I finally turned around and decked a kid named Jeff Overton for RETARGETING me.

He was trying to steal my snacks…eh! The vermin!

Yes, I was retargeted…old school version.

If you don’t know what retargeting is, it’s the ability to grab the information from someone who visited your website or an ad you’re running. With that info you can run further ads to that same visitor, massively increasing your awareness and/or conversions because that visitor has seen you before.

It is very powerful.

Chances are you’re not doing it. And actually that’s ok…for now.

For now…not in the future.

Why the world would end without retargeting benefits

Why? Because all the smart online entrepreneurs will be employing this strategy…as in everyone who is making money. It will be one of the most important things you’ll do to reach and convert not only new customers but returning ones as well.

Yesterday I spoke of the importance of email marketing. But what I didn’t tell you is the importance of retargeting your email subscribers on Facebook. What I do (this is not new) is take all my subscribers to my Insiders email list (if you haven’t joined my Insiders List I suggest you do here) and put them in a retargeting file in my Facebook account. I then run ads to that audience.

The result is a massive increase in conversions and awareness.

This, my esteemed disciples, is how online business is done. It’s not bugging your ‘friends’ list on FB trying to strike up a conversation about your newest ground floor MLM.

That (as I have said repeatedly) is not a business.

By the way, Jeff the bully (that I spoke of above) never bothered me again so his retargeting campaign failed. But you don’t have to suffer the same fate. Just do 2 things:

Don’t take people’s lunch money.

Learn how to retarget.


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