The Real Meaning of Commitment: Niki Lauda

The Real Meaning of Commitment: Niki Lauda

real meaning of commitment - Kenneth Holland

There are those that THINK they are commited. Then there is Niki Lauda. And he exemplifies the real meaning of commitment. Tire kickers take note…

‘…as the doctor pulled the long thin vacuum tube from out of his mouth (down to his lungs), Niki said…

do it again.’

Niki Lauda, a legendary Formula 1 racecar driver from the 70’s and 80’s, had been injured in a crash in Germany in 1976. Most of his face and scalp were burned badly, but what threatened his life were the deep burns in his lungs as he sat in his flaming race car inhaling hot gases.

Miraculously, he survived. But the doctors had to continuously vacuum the fluid from his lungs. Lauda was determined to race again that same year and reportedly urged the doctors to suck the poison out of his lungs as fast as possible, despite the intense pain.

Lauda not only was able to step back in to his race car 6 weeks later (the liner of his helmet soaked with blood after his first race back), Lauda would eventually go on to win 2 more F1 Championships.

(Side note: An excellent Ron Howard-directed movie….Rush…depicts that very season with Lauda and his chief rival James Hunt…I highly suggest you watch it…even if not a racing fan)

Sometimes it’s hard to understand why someone does the things they do, until you realize and understand what true commitment is. It’s the choice one makes…the decision…to do whatever it takes to reach their goals.

At almost any cost.

Niki Lauda Quotes (The Real Meaning of Commitment)

Giving up is something a Lauda doesn’t do.

A race isn’t won until it’s over.

Maybe I’m becoming a crotchety middle-aged man (despite my good looks of course!), but I see a lot of ‘toe-dipping’. “Uh….yeah…I’ll try this to see if it works out.”

It ain’t working out with an attitude like that.

Commitment. Hard work. Dedication.


Courage to KNOW that you will brave whatever storm gets thrown in front of you…and you will push through it.

I honestly see very little of that today.

We need more Niki Laudas in this world.

We need more courage.

We frankly need more balls.

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