Questions of the Week...Dirty Uncle Kenster Gets Real With You...

Questions of the Week…Dirty Uncle Kenster Gets Real With You…


Got some more questions in the past week so in the interest of being the helpful Gazillionaire that I am, I wanted to take a minute and answer them…

What is Whitelisting and Why is it Important?

First the definition:

A whitelist is a list of e-mail addresses or domain names from which an e-mail blocking program will allow messages to be received. E-mail blocking programs, also called a spam filters, are intended to prevent most unsolicited e-mail messages (spam) from appearing in subscriber inboxes.

So the simple explanation is making an email address not get caught in an email client’s spam filter. You normally have to achieve this by manually whitelisting a particular email address. The process depends on the email client you use.

No one seems to see my posts on Facebook anymore. What can I do?

There is no easy answer for this. Facebook is on a mission to reduce the reach of everybody’s account to filter out fake news and other undesirable content in order the make a ‘better user experience’ according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg. (I talk more about this here)

The other reason is Facebook wants us to pay (advertising) to get our posts seen. I know…it sucks. But learn Facebook ads. It’s the only way long-term that you’re going to get significant reach. (you can join my email insiders group where I discuss this quite a bit)

Ken, you tell us to email our list every day. I don’t want to upset the people on my list…I think that’s way too much.

Then don’t. I don’t care. Once a day IS too much IF you mail them crap. Otherwise, every day is fine in most markets. If they unsubscribe, then good. You want them to leave. This isn’t a begging business. You only want engaged people who want to hear from you. You HAVE to have the mindset that they need what you have (…and guess what? Most DO). Otherwise you’re sunk.

Why Aren’t You Investing in Cryptocurrency?

I have stated several times on my blog and social channels that I’m not in Crypto. I may be in the future when the industry is more regulated (maybe I won’t wait…who knows?). Some say I’m missing the boat. I’m just being smart…and I’ve done this longer than you. So there.

Why won’t you join my deal/MLM/opportunity of the decade? It’s great blah blah…..

I’m good with what I’m promoting for at least the next year. So if you’re reading this do not bother to pitch me. Don’t mean to be gruff about this. Actually, yes I do. And if you’re online just pitching people then you haven’t listened to me on how to market a real business so you probably either need to #1 stop trying to do this business or #2 start listening to either me or someone else who’s actually done it.

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