People who don’t buy from you can make you wealthy…

February 15, 2021

by Kenneth Holland

Most think that the people who don't buy from you contribute nothing to your online business. This couldn't be further from the truth...

There’s a very popular, well-known analogy about the odds of success: It’s about baseball players. A baseball player that averages a .300 batting average is considered very good, if not great. That means…for every 10 times he steps up to the plate he gets a hit ‘only’ 3 times out of that 10.

Now let’s take Colonel Sanders, who created Kentucky Fried Chicken. He was a driven guy but had years of failed jobs and personal relationships. But at the age of 73, he hit it when he sold (now named) KFC for millions.

But this is not about sticking it out until you hit it…

People Who Don't Buy From You Can Play a Crucial Role in Your Online Business...

And most of you don’t get it. So I’m here to make sure you do get it…because it’s a game changer.

In business, it’s about getting a percentage of people who are exposed to your sales message to buy.

So…it stands to reason that the only people that matter are the ones who buy from you, right?


In fact…100% wrong.

Unlike my two examples above, those people that are on your list, that Like your Facebook page, that see you on a video (that you start retargeting) become your evangelists.

What do I mean by this?

They may not buy, but they will:

– Create a page view or a video view on your site
– Like one of your posts
– Share a post
– Comment
– Mention you to someone
– Keep seeing and hearing you

Don’t think this happens? It happens all the time. I ‘evangelize’ all the time. So do MILLIONS of others.

So do you.

Do you think most people who watch a TV program buy the stuff on the ads during commercials. No. Most don’t.

AND…you have an advantage over TV producers because again, your ‘nos’ are engaged directly by you.

But none of this works if you’re not there serving the marketplace and creating content. You can’t just post links out there and expect people to pay attention. That’s self serving (ie…you don’t give a shit about them) and will get you nowhere.

You don’t think this works? I literally have people come to me every day asking to work with me.

Every day.

Please understand that if you want to be successful at (any) this business you have to take the long view and show people you are for real…and that you’re willing to help them.

Start doing that and they might consider working with you.