People That Don't Respect Your Time: How Should You Respond?

People That Don’t Respect Your Time: How Should You Respond?

People That Don't Respect Your Time

People That Don’t Respect Your Time

People that don’t respect your time is usually the result of people not knowing what they want and them not valuing you as a person.

To be successful your job is to identify when this is happening and respond quickly. Let me give you some personal examples…

People That Don’t Respect Your Time: How You Should Respond

Two Examples Of People Who Didn’t Value My Time

A few years back I had a long-time friend ask me to do some social media/web work for his business that he wanted to launch. After several meetings and setting strategies, he opted to go with an unproven 25 year-old and left me hanging.

Here’s how I responded (see the video above).

A few weeks ago I had someone on social media message me wanting me to get on the phone to help ‘build their business’. I told them I don’t do personal consulting at the moment (plus if I did they couldn’t afford me).

I then instructed them to join my Email Insiders Group where they could get plenty of free training with the opportunity to upgrade to some paid courses.

After a couple days they messaged me again with the same query. I asked if they had joined my Insiders Group.

“No.” was their answer.

Here’s what happened next (see the video).

Remember, your JOB as a business person is to cultivate results (SALES) in your business as fast as possible. If someone you know who most likely wasted your time anyway doesn’t understand that, then they should understand you wont be doing business together.

(Go watch the video)

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