Are The Optical Delusions Keeping You From Success?

Are The Optical Delusions Keeping You From Success?

Optical Delusions -

Optical Delusions are the crap that bends the light and lies to you. That’s the liars and charlatans who don’t care and peddle garbage.Will you fall for it?

We’ve been on roll this week!

I say ‘we’ve’ because of YOU…my Insiders Email Group (if you’re not why not??). You’re taking the time to read my emails/posts and I’m getting real with you…as I always do. And I appreciate the feedback I’m getting.

Some of the content this week has been heavy. Some would consider it negative (have had a few replies on this) but largely the response has been great. That’s because most of you GET IT. You get that some real changes need to take place in our world of online business. You get that people’s attitudes have to change if they’re going to see change in their lives.

So on that note…

Don’t Let The Optical Delusions Keep You From Success

Today’s post is inspired by a Gary Vee Youtube yesterday titled ‘Why Most of the World is Delusional‘. One of my takeaways on his video (and there were many) is he drives his mission of not being soft.

Here’s my mission:

To inspire people to stop believing the liars and charlatans who want to sell you ‘easy’. Who want you to believe you’re just one loophole away. Who want you to buy in to ‘it’s not going to take any work’.

I’m sorry to burst your snowcone…it IS going to take work. It IS going to be hard sometimes. You’re going to want to quit. You know how many times I DID quit? Many! I checked out. I packed it in once to go traveling in a van…which is awesome in and of itself, but I did because I wanted to quit. But, I came back and rededicated myself.


Because people need it. People NEED HELP.

People need the truth.

And I love what I do.

The Truth is Actually VERY Profitable…and You’ll Sleep Better at Night

If you’ve been reading my stuff you know I’ll be real with you. I’m going to tell it like it is. I’m not going to push that latest gizmo course every friggin’ week because the Poo-Roos say it converts… F them! That doesn’t help you. That doesn’t help anyone.

All I ask of you is to not fall for the optical delusions. The crap that bends the light and lies to you. The shit that says it can be yours for nothing.

Stay with what’s real. If you don’t, you’ll wake up one day and wonder why nothing has worked…and years will have passed.

Don’t let that happen. Because it has happened to me.

You’re better than that.

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