In Face (Book) No One Can Hear You Scream

April 6, 2021

by Kenneth Holland

It’s cold, dreary and devoid of all oxygen…

…and life.

You wander in the dark hoping someone will hear you…

But no one is listening…and there’s no one to save you.

In the vast, unforgiving coldness of Social Media, you are alone as you yell in vain in the hopes someone will hear your cries for help:

‘HEEEELLLLPPPPP!! PLEASE!!!!! Listen to my offer! Buy my offer!! Where is everyone???!!!

But no one is there.

Actually, they are.

But they are not listening.

And they will not save you.

The Hype of Easy Riches: Where No One Can Hear You Scream...

The hordes trudge right by you as they themselves whimper in agony. They are barely holding on too. The bodies of broke would-be marketers float in space (book) as a stark reminder.

The reminder is right in front of you. You don’t want to look…you don’t want to believe it…but you know you have to:

I didn’t tell a story, did I?’ you mutter to yourself in defeat and resignation.

‘Am…am I dying because I don’t give value and don’t care??’

You recount what the ‘shortcutters’ told you. They seemed like they knew…and they said they were making thousands a day by 'doing next to nothing'.

You don’t have to work at it!” they proclaimed. “The software does it all!!”

“IT’S PUSH-BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

‘Surely they were telling me the truth….’

You now realize that they were, indeed, not. it true no one can hear you scream in space? Yes, because...

You are now at the bottom…and it’s decision time.

Will you go quietly in to the night?

Will you let them keep you in their fold? Of scams and empty promises??

Or will you walk to the truth?

Because, my friends…the truth is tough.

The truth means…








The truth is the path least traveled.

So few reap the jewels of the truth.

But it is there for all who are ready to take it.

Are you smart enough to take it?