News Flash: The Pony Express went out of business in 1861

News Flash: The Pony Express went out of business in 1861


Hey! Myspace is sti…uh never mind…

…to be precise…they ceased operations on October 26th, 1861.

Not many people know why. Would you like to know??

Because they downloaded Facebook and Snapchat on their frickin’ smart phone, that’s why!!!


…they also took rotary dial telephones and the Postal Service with them!

(oh wait. The postal service still exists. Sorry. But a man can dream, right?)

But I digress…

I often get emails or read some (or all) of the following:

“I’m on Facebook but that’s about it.”

“I’m not on Twitter…don’t need it.”

“I’m not doing Snapchat…I don’t get it.”

“I have a mobile phone from 1991. I don’t need a smartphone.” (yes, evidently you are right)

Let me cut the waffle (because I care about you): If you’re getting in to online marketing you must have a wide presence on social media. It’s how we communicate and it’s not going away. This is NOT an option. I read too many of the excuses above and it needs to stop. Ok?

Here are the Social Networks that, in my opinion (and we all know what I think of MY opinion), you must be on going in to 2017 and beyond. Again, this list is NOT negotiable…

1. Facebook

The largest social network on the planet. Do I really have to tell you why you should be on it? Everyone is on there and you should be too. End of story.

2. Twitter

Still one of the biggest social sites in the world. Yes, they’ve had struggles in growth as of late. So? They’re still huge. “But Ken, I can’t get any traction to build my following there.” My answer: There are a ton of tools that will help you build your following. And at the very least, you should be syndicating ALL your posts from all your other social networks and your blog (please tell me you have a blog).

3. Instagram

Again, one of the largest social gathering places online. Now owned by (*ahem*) Facebook. That alone is reason enough. “I don’t take pictures” you say? You don’t have to. you can leverage other types of images to build your following. It’s becoming a VERY effective way to build leads for your business IF you know what you’re doing.

4. Youtube

I can hear it now: “I don’t do video and I’m not getting on camera.” That’s fine…you don’t have to (more on that in just a moment). Then you should be doing powerpoint videos or screen grabs. Video is huge and is only going to grow. If you want to be in business online this is not negotiable anymore. Regarding being on camera: If you learn to do it, your business will explode.

One POSSIBLE exception to Youtube: Facebook video and/or Facebook live. But I would syndicate much of that content on Youtube anyway.

5. Snapchat

A lot of you don’t ‘get’ Snapchat. It’s a video and image message platform that allows the user to create a daily ‘story’ (google to get more details on its description). But know this: It allows your audience to get a personal ‘feel’ for your daily life. This, I believe, is the future of marketing. This is a great tool to let your audience know you. And once you do that…

Bottom line is go download it and start learning it.

6. Instagram Stories

Very similar to Snapchat but with some different wrinkles and some limitations (as of this post). But you need to be on it. You can also easily syndicate your Snapchat posts on Insta stories. So there’s no reason not to be on it. Also, did I say Facebook owns Instagram???

So there you go. The ‘top’ 6. This post isn’t meant to go in detail on each, but I plan to do an in-depth post soon.

You’re welcome.

Go get your accounts going.  Seriously, like now.

Comment below if you have questions.

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