The New York Times' Successful Email Newsletter Strategy

The New York Times’ Successful Email Newsletter Strategy


New York Times Email Newsletter StrategyWith most brands centering their online marketing around Social Media , an old publishing stalwart is utilizing a savvy email newsletter strategy and finding success.

The New York Times, one of the oldest newspapers around, has launched 33 niche-based email newsletters (12 of them on the last year) and is enjoying a high open rate and an extremely engaged audience due to an aggressive email newsletter strategy:

The Times wouldn’t say how many subscribers it has but shared some numbers that suggest its approach is paying off. Subscriber volume has grown 14 percent in the past six months, with the number of newsletter subscribers ranging from tens of thousands to several million depending on the newsletter. Average gross open rate (which, unlike the uniques open rate, which is typically lower, counts duplicate opens) for weekly newsletters is 50 percent, with some of its newer ones including Kristof’s, the Times Magazine, Booming and Motherlode have gross open rates topping 70 percent.

When 30% open rates are considered really good, the Times is obviously doing something right.

If you read through the article, you’ll see that the NYT is promoting their email newsletter services through Facebook and Twitter:

To keep its newsletters competitive, the Times has a 12-person dedicated newsletter team. They’ve been using Twitter and Facebook to gauge reader interest in newsletters. In the case of the Kristof letter, it got 50,000 signups after promoting it on social media and on site for six months.

Now, you might be saying, ‘hey…they’re using Facebook to promote their email marketing strategy so they DO use Social Media!’

Yes. You SHOULD use sites like Facebook to promote your brand. But your ultimate goal should be to bring those readers you’re getting on Social Media on to YOUR email list. From there you can now control how and when they see your messages.

Remember, Facebook does not let everyone who ‘Likes’ your page see your content. A proper email newsletter strategy brings your readers in to your house, not theirs.

What is Your Email Newsletter Content Strategy?

A newsletter strategy plan online does not have to be difficult or time consuming. For example, if you run a blog (and you know that I think you should) you can drive your subscribers to your blog posts like I do. In this case, your emails should ‘sell’ your subscriber on clicking the link to your site to read your articles/posts.

You can also send a complete article right in the email and maybe have a small advertisement (think ‘sponsored’ content) at the end. It all depends what your objectives are.

Your Email List is Your Most Important Asset

I cannot overstate this. In terms of connecting to your readership, your email list is THE most important aspect of your online business, bar none. Your list gives you the ability to communicate AND SELL to your audience…at will.

Are you building your own email list?  Comment and let me know.

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