New Years Resolutions are BS... Here's Why...

New Years Resolutions are BS… Here’s Why…

New Years Resolutions are BS… Here’s Why…New Year’s Resolutions.

“Starting January 1st I’m going on a diet and losing 20 pounds!”

“After the New Year I’m going to start my new business and make 70K in my first year!”

‘I’m not going to change anything.”

Now…which one to you sounds the most ’empowering’?

Well, I’ll tell you this: The first two are weak excuses at best and utter-frickin lame at worst.

“Whoa Ken! You’re being a bit negative here aren’t you?”

Not at all.

My video below explains what I mean (in other words, get your pretty little bootay on that link and watch it) but I’ll tell you this:

New Years resolutions are merely an excuse and a delay tactic to tackle something in your life that’s (most likely) important but you are either too afraid to face it now or just don’t believe in yourself enough to RESOLVE it!

Example time: If one of your kids was getting bullied in school, would you wait until the new year to resolve it?

Didn’t think so.

Is that too harsh of an example? Too bad.

Go watch my video…and would love to hear your comments (unless they’re utterly stupid and in that case I might delete them…but we’ll see). 🙂

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