Moving the Free Line in to Poverty

Moving the Free Line in to Poverty


Moving the Free Line into PovertyMaybe you’ve heard the saying in online marketing, ‘moving the free line’?

Basically it’s a process where a product seller gives more and more of his ‘stuff’ to their customers and/or prospects for free…usually to build goodwill, trust and to educate. So ‘moving’ the free line is merely giving away more freebies before you offer a paid product to them.

Marketers Who Believe in Moving the Free Line

There are marketers that do really well with this…

Eben Pagan is one notable example who might have actually coined the term. Veteran internet marketer Yaro Starak writes about moving the free line on his blog.

They are super successful.

I think this is a bad idea…

What I believe it does is it fosters the ‘freebie’ mentality in the minds of your prospects. You essentially ‘train’ them to expect training and value pro bono.

Moving the Free Line …. Only to Sell Them??

So what happens when you finally make a paid offer?

People freak.

They’ve come to ‘expect’ all that good FREE stuff you’re giving to them.  They’ll expect you to keep moving the line.  But now you want them to whip out the wallet. They ain’t used to that. You’ve shown them…you’ve TRAINED them NOT TO.

I make an offer in almost EVERY email I send out.  I don’t always hit them over the head with it…but it is almost always there.

‘But Ken, aren’t you going to piss people off because you’re always selling’?

Good question.

Some do get put off. Some unsubscribe. You WANT that. You don’t want tire kickers. You want people who aren’t going to waste your time…you want people who will buy what you are selling. As for the rest? Well, go live on free and tell me how that works for ya.

Don’t get me wrong.

Giving value is key.

I do that in every blog post and every email.

I Move the Free Line…Right Out of My Business

Hey, if you want to send ‘non-offers’ go right ahead. It reminds me when people ask me why I send emails to my list EVERY DAY. Because I have something to say often that will help them, period. If they don’t like it, they can leave.

Remember…we’re in business to SELL. You’re not a charity.

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