Pyramid Schemes, Facebook Groups and Spammy Enchiladas - The Week in Review

Pyramid Schemes, Facebook Groups and Spammy Enchiladas – The Week in Review

Pyramid Schemes, Facebook Groups and Spammy Enchiladas – The Week in Review

Pyramid Schemes, Facebook Groups and Spammy Enchiladas – The Week in Review

I haven’t done a lick of shopping…it’s been easier to just start walking to the mall, then make a quick detour to the Irish pub for some ‘Nog. I’m so bad…

But I did make time to wax poetic on your blog and email questions, cool Facebook hacks, the grand scheme of life and some MLM ranting. So before I start putting extra nutmeg in my wine, let’s bring ya up to speed:

Your Email and Blog Content Questions Answered

Everyone KNOWS they need to put out content in to the marketplace, but when it comes time to actually doing it, they freeze like the Snow Miser at Ice Capades. It’s not tough. You just need to do a little planning and watch my video.

How to Boost Your Facebook Posts Using Groups

Let’s be honest here: Most Facebook groups have more useless spam than a vegan pot luck in San Francisco. But…you can leverage those very groups to boost your page reach quicker than it takes to whip up a tofu smoothie. Sprouts not included.

Why Things Don’t Happen for a Reason

‘Destiny shmestity.’ ‘Everything is pre-ordained.’ ‘It all happens for a reason.’ Garbage!! Oh…things DO happen for a reason…and that reason starts with what’s between those sexy ear lobes of yours

The Best WordPress Backup and Restore Plugin – UpdraftPlus

“The dog ate my homework.” Did you ever use that excuse in school? Well, we’re adults now…sorta. And that means if you actually did do some work, why on earth would you not back up your stuff in case the dog did decide he was tired of the Alpo? Especially when it’s free and takes just a few minutes. Feed your sister’s poster of Taylor Swift to Fido to distract him and read this.

Why Most MLMs Don’t Work

“My brother’s wife’s cousins’s uncle tried to get me in that pyramid scheme…” Ok, it’s 2017. If you want to be credible in this biz you need a different mantra…because that statement is baloney. MLM can be an effective business model, but most companies have their head up their derriere. As a result, most don’t work and here’s why.

Ajo Als Scottsdale, Cream Chicken Enchiladas – Dot Com Food

I’m surprised I’m not 300 pounds. This Mexican joint is right across the street from where I live has cream chicken enchiladas that are the devil (along with Lays potato chips in my sandwich…being the devil that is). Throw in some smoked Carnitas and you could have 3 Weight Watchers clinics right next door and they’d all be sold out.


That’s a wrap! No, I’m serious…I need to go wrap some presents. Actually, I think Jeff Bezo’s minions do that right…?

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