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Ronald Reagan, Trickle Down Ken-o Nomics and the Facebook Scammer


Ronald Reagan, Trickle Down Ken-o Nomics and the Facebook ScammerSo Ronald Reagan and I were having lunch one day back in 1982…

Ronny leans in to me to make sure no else was hearing (we were in his house so I think he was already losing it) and says to me:

“Ken…weeelll, I have a humdinger of an idea for a website on the internet.”

I gave him a puzzled look, certain he HAD lost it, and replied, “Ron, what the hell is the ‘internet’?”Continue reading

When the student is ready he’ll get off his ass and go to work


When the student is ready he’ll get off his ass and go to work“I’ve enrolled in another quarter of school…I bet there’s gonna be a ton of young chicks I can hit on.”

My friend was 42, and had been going to college since…well…high school.

That’s a lot of ‘higher learning’. Or in his case, younger socializing.

And trust me, there was no ‘Buddha’ anywhere in his name…

Hey, I got no problem with banter with the opposite sex, but my friend was deluded in to thinking financial success equated to how much school he could attend. Or maybe he was just lazy and afraid…

Either way, what was his ‘education’ really doing for him? (well…yeah…dates with broads 20 years younger than him but that TAKES money from you and doesn’t generate it!)

Which leads me to my disdain for structured education in our society.Continue reading

What Abe and Tiger Can Teach You About Failure


What Abe and Tiger Can Teach You About FailureSomething I tend to hear a lot these days is ‘haters’ hating on wealthy or successful people…

“Oh, he’s a trust fund kid.”

“He got lucky to get all those millions.”

Usually comments of this nature come from people who suffer from ‘class envy’.  And what most never see is great struggle, sacrifice and resolve that they endure.Continue reading

New Years Resolutions are BS… Here’s Why…


New Years Resolutions are BS… Here’s Why…New Year’s Resolutions.

“Starting January 1st I’m going on a diet and losing 20 pounds!”

“After the New Year I’m going to start my new business and make 70K in my first year!”

‘I’m not going to change anything.”

Now…which one to you sounds the most ’empowering’?Continue reading

Doubting Yourself in Your Business Can be a Good Thing


doubting yourself in your businessDoubting yourself in any area of your life is never a fun place to be in.

But doubting yourself in your business can be especially bad, mainly due to the pressure it can put on you.

Now make it even worse: People who support themselves (and their family) with their business. That’s your lifeblood…and no doubt can derail you very quickly if it’s not addressed.Continue reading

Open that complaint box, you’ll find your excuses there


excuse-invalid“You’re too late…this offer is closed. Besides, you’ve cancelled twice on the subscription so I wouldn’t let you back in anyway.”

As I was reading this email, I started to get pissed off. ‘Oh, so he’s really not going to take my money…RIGHT!!’ I muttered to myself.

Right he was…and he was dead serious.Continue reading

The customer is always right…except when they’re clueless


soup-nazi“You must not be very smart!”

That was what the customer shot at me when I worked for a mail order catalog about 20 years ago.

So this tool is trying to order something, and I tell him the item is out of stock and is back-ordered.

That wasn’t what he wanted to hear.Continue reading

Are you waiting for Godot??


waiting-for-godot“Nothing to be done.” Vladimir takes up the thought loftily.

Vladimir and Estragon, two men ‘determined’ and on a ‘mission’…

a mission to wait for the man (?)…the myth (?)…the legend (?)…Godot.

Who is Godot, you ask?? I do not know…and perhaps neither do they.Continue reading

Don’t Procrastinate Until it’s Two Thirty


toothacheMy dentist stared at the X-RAY while calmly humming a song to himself, then casually turned to me and said:

“Yeah, this has to come out.”

‘S%#@.’ I thought to myself. Part of me was nervous and bummed. The other part of me was relieved.

Bummed because, of course, I was about to lose a molar in the back of my mouth. Relieved because I was about to be freed from some of the most intense pain I’ve ever felt.

The dreaded toothache…but not just any toothache…Continue reading

Jackaninnys, Credit Cards and Game of Thrones


jackassI was going to quote this jackass below (as I sometimes do) but today I decided not to give him the press.

Here is the whining in a nutshell:

Guy bitches to me that even though he can get a free trial of an autoresponder email service and my free bonus (that will actually help him to use said autoresponder and actually make some money…AND…he can keep the bonus even if he doesn’t want to use the service) he is ‘not willing’ to put in his credit card info to start the trial.

THIS, my esteemed friends, is the loser mentality.

In reality, he is not willing to do ANYTHING to change his current situation.


Because he is not living in reality.Continue reading