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‘I Will Try’ Will Keep You Broke

Have you ever said to someone ‘I will try’?

Of course you have. I have. We ALL have.

You KNOW why you say that, don’t you?

It’s because you more than likely will not do what you say.

It doesn’t make you (or me) a bad person…sometimes we say ‘I Will Try’ because we’re afraid to hurt someone’s feelings by saying….’no’.

However, you need to be careful what you DO say for your own mental health and overall success in life.Continue reading

Stop worrying who the President is…

Stop worrying who the President is“You are not my friend anymore.”

That was the message I received in my Facebook Inbox from someone I had known for 20 years. They then unfriended and blocked me.

You could probably guess by now this had ‘alot’ to do with our U.S. Presidential election.

So this prompted my video today.Continue reading

The 80-20 Rule Can Change Your Business…If You’re in the 20

The 80-20 Rule Can Change Your BusinessDo you sometimes feel like everyone is a flake?

I used to feel that way…but not anymore. Why?  Because I embraced (and put in to practice) a rule that has changed everything.Continue reading

You’ve Already Been Scammed…

You’ve Already Been ScammedThe nightmares of my senior year…

In my ‘dream’…I’m trying to find my high school locker. I eventually find it. Then, I cannot remember the combination. Then the school bell rings. I’m late for class…but then cannot find my classroom.

This went on for years. And I remember waking up sweating and thinking to myself, “I have NO IDEA what I’m doing here in school.”

Because I really didn’t.Continue reading

Wanting to be Rich Isn’t Good Enough

Wanting to be Rich Isn’t Good EnoughMost people know the story of Bill Gates.

The founder of Microsoft became a multi-billionaire (cue Austin Powers) and one of the wealthiest men ever.

Then what did he do? He quit Microsoft to start several philanthropic efforts. He also gave away over 90% of his money.

Why would he do this?Continue reading

If you want to work from home in your pajamas then don’t read this

work from home in your pajamasThere’s two sayings on the internet (because…y’know…there’s none of that online)…

‘It’s Not What You Know. It’s Who You Know’


‘All working from home did was get me smelly pajamas’

Ok. Second one not so much. But boy is it ever true.Continue reading

Should You Use Bearspray to Repel Tire-Kickers?

Should You Use Bearspray to Repel Tire-Kickers?Never been a big camper.

I have done it…but it’s been quite a long time. Actually, my idea of camping is stocking up on some cheese and cabernet at a Ritz Carlton, then making a fort with the pillows and monogrammed robes.

(I usually have a partner when I do this…)

Hey…don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it!

Now, apparently, it’s recommended you take Bearspray if you’re going to camp in the deep woods.Continue reading

The Big Toe is Pretty Small

The Big Toe is Pretty Small‘When he reached the New World, Cortez burned his ships. As a result his men were well motivated.’ – Character Captain Ramius (played by Sean Connery) in the movie ‘Hunt for Red October’

Question: If you knew an endeavor you were undertaking would absolutely succeed, how likely would you be to quit?Continue reading

So you can’t wait for 2016 to be over huh??

So you can’t wait for 2016 to be over huh??‘2016 is over…at last!’

‘It’s nearly 2017! Can we finally retire the current year….’?

‘Is 2016 the worst year in history?’

These three headlines took me less than a minute to find on Google and post them here.

Let me not waste any time by giving you MY take on this (especially #3):Continue reading

When shit gets tough it’s not about coloring books and safe zones…

When shit gets tough it’s not about coloring books and safe zones…So, we had a pretty big U.S. Presidential election recently by all accounts…

…and a guy with hair that looks like a hairpiece that’s not a hairpiece (so we’re told) is about to become the next Grand Poobah.

And you know what?? I don’t really care.

I’m not here today to talk politics. But I know that you know that I’m gonna rant about something…right??Continue reading