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Don’t Let Your Pain Define You

Don't Let Your Pain Define You - Kenneth Holland

Don’t Let Your Pain Define You (aka get over yourself)

“I’ve never been the same after she died.”

She kept sipping her drink quickly in between her words, as if trying to constantly pour cold water on a fresh burn.

But as I sat with this woman I had met a short time before, she revealed that her friend had tragically passed away 5 years earlier, and it was clear she was not willing (unable?) to move on.

As we kept talking she told me she had several failed relationships, problems with her children…and all directly connected to the loss of her friend.

Don’t Let Your Pain Define You (If You Want Purpose and Fulfillment)

Now…you might retort:

“You don’t know what she’s going through.”Continue reading

Are you the meek that shall demerit the earth?

Are you the meek that shall demerit the earth? Kenneth Holland

Are you the meek that shall demerit the earth?

“Nothing to be done.” – Estragon from ‘Waiting for Godot’

It genuinely pains me to admit that in my 17 years of online and affiliate marketing there is but a one-word description for the vast majority of people I’ve come across that fail in business…and life:


I could cite numerous examples and tell lengthy stories to support my claim (I don’t have to as I know that I am right) that most people sadly never get close to their potential merely because they simply don’t fucking act.Continue reading

Talent Alone Can Make You a Billionaire…The Great Fallacy

Talent Alone Can Make You a Billionaire - Kenneth Holland

They say talent alone can make you a billionaire…especially if you believe the latest Instagram meme showing your future jet. Here’s why that’s BS…

“Well, ya know…for me, the action IS the juice.”

(from the movie ‘Heat’)

So I’ve noticed a change with people’s attitudes and wealth…

In the past folks would say (about the wealthy) ‘they just got lucky’ or ‘I’m sure they inherited it!!’

I call it the classic ‘jealousy whine’.

But lately I’ve seen a reversal of sorts…especially on social media.

People going on and on about ‘crushing it’…going after that first billion, pictures of your private
jet you’re going to buy on Instagram…

“You can make billions…it ain’t hard…just go be a beast!”

Great. Most of it is garbage…Continue reading

A fool and his lack of money are soon parted

A fool and his lack of money are soon parted - Kenneth Holland

A fool and his lack of money are soon parted

I never understood the lottery mindset.

You buy a ticket in the ‘hopes’ that you’ll ‘hit it big’. The odds of getting struck by lightning are greater.

At least with lightning you get some excitement out of it whereas the only jollies you’re likely to get with your ticket is the questionable-smelling clerk at the liquor store grunting at you..


(and hey if you play…that’s cooooo’. Whatever gets you down the buffet line)

Just 2 weeks ago there was all matter of hoopla because the U.S. lottery was up to a 768,098 gazillion dollars.

Yay! Sign me up…

Some people would rather waste 5 bucks on a Big Spinny (or whatever they call it) than invest some money that’s actually going to teach them something.

Like how to actually make money so you don’t have to play some rotten game of chance (designed to break you)…because I have a news flash for y’all:Continue reading

A Tale of Persistence (if this guy can…you have NO excuse)

persistenceYesterday, Amazon agreed to buy ‘Ring’, a company that makes WIFI enabled doorbells and other ‘smart’ products for a reported 1 BILLION dollars.

But it was far from easy to get to this point…

In his quest to raise money, the company’s founder, Jamie Siminoff, ran out of money and was rejected by ‘Shark Tank’ in 2013. But that did not deter him.Continue reading

Do you use this excuse?

“‘I don’t have the money’ and ‘I don’t have the time’ has to be the two lamest excuses I’ve ever heard for someone who won’t pursue their dream.Continue reading

Why you should channel your inner Kardashian online

Right on the heels of my insightful, intelligent and entertaining post on Channeling Your Inner Howard Stern, I am back with more nuggets of wisdom…today extolling the virtues of channeling your inner Kardashian for fun and profit.

Now, I realize not everyone has the ‘junk in the trunk’ that Kim Kardashian possesses (I personally think she had a basketball implanted) but fear not…that is not the only reason why the Kings of Calabasas rule Reality Television and Social Media.Continue reading

The Time Eddie Van Halen ‘Really Got Me’

eddie van halen really got me“Hey man…let go of my hand.”

His tone was measured but stern. And he was none too happy.

It was 1998…Houston, Texas. I was still knee-deep in to my drumming career and had just seen one of the greatest all-time American rock bands tear it up in the Lone Star state…Continue reading

Life is Not About Easy

Life is Not About EasyAs I have just had a birthday claiming my place firmly in my 50’s (!!!), I notice that the ‘younger generation’ has a fixation on ‘easy’.

Dare I say, the Millenials are championing the cause of the ever-popular ‘shortcut’. Maybe I am wrong (and sound off if you think I am), but I think there’s quite a few people who need a reality check when it comes not only to online marketing, but life in general.

Watch my video where I explain:Continue reading

The Lottery Mentality Will Keep You Broke

lottery mentalityIt seems in recent years that sweepstakes and state-run lotteries have cropped up everywhere breeding more and more of what I call the Lottery Mentality.

You’ve seen it (and perhaps you’ve played it): Hordes of people flock to the nearest liquor store or supermarket to grab their ticket when the prize reaches in to the hundreds of millions. Even when I see the lottery up to 200, 300, 400 MILLION, I get a little intoxicated thinking about it…and who wouldn’t.

After all. that is beyond life-changing money…Continue reading