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Did it go according to plan?

Did it go according to plan? - Kenneth Holland

Well…here we are…and we’re usually asked 2 questions if it went ‘according to plan’ (or some variation of them)…

Well…here we are.

The grand calendar has been laid down before us once again, and we’re usually asked 2 questions (or some variation of them):

“How did your year go?”

“What’s your New Years Resolution?”

It’s the ‘end of the year’, and we all have various levels of reflection: “Did I accomplish IT?” “Was THIS YEAR successful?”

Well…was it?

Did it go according to plan?

Most likely not.

But that’s not the point.Continue reading

Why You Won’t Commit to Your Goals…

why we won't commit - Kenneth Holland

It’s a powerful thing TO DECIDE that we’re going to do something. But so many won’t commit to their goals and aspirations. This may be why…


Just the sound of the word can conjure a feeling of…’finality’. ‘Lock down’.

But it can also suggest ‘solidarity’. ‘Discipline’.

Funny how a word can elicit different feelings and emotions. And they can oftentimes be very contradictory.

I sometimes reflect on the numerous occasions in my life when I could not…would not…commit to a endeavour, business or personal.

“Well, it’s a big decision.” I would reassure myself. And indeed, some decisions ARE big decisions and can create a good measure of uncertainty. And they SHOULD be carefully weighed.

Then there are ‘things’ that we cannot commit to…won’t commit to. And we wonder why.

It’s about failure. Knowing if something will simply work. But not just failure. What if whatever we commit to DOES work?Continue reading

The Real Meaning of Commitment: Niki Lauda

real meaning of commitment - Kenneth Holland

There are those that THINK they are commited. Then there is Niki Lauda. And he exemplifies the real meaning of commitment. Tire kickers take note…

‘…as the doctor pulled the long thin vacuum tube from out of his mouth (down to his lungs), Niki said…

do it again.’

Niki Lauda, a legendary Formula 1 racecar driver from the 70’s and 80’s, had been injured in a crash in Germany in 1976. Most of his face and scalp were burned badly, but what threatened his life were the deep burns in his lungs as he sat in his flaming race car inhaling hot gases.

Miraculously, he survived. But the doctors had to continuously vacuum the fluid from his lungs. Lauda was determined to race again that same year and reportedly urged the doctors to suck the poison out of his lungs as fast as possible, despite the intense pain.

Lauda not only was able to step back in to his race car 6 weeks later (the liner of his helmet soaked with blood after his first race back), Lauda would Continue reading

It’s time to bet on you

Time to bet on you - Kenneth Holland

The answers are inside you. You have the talent. You have what it takes. What are you waiting for? Isn’t it time to bet on you?

“You name him. I beat him.”

Boxing has always fascinated me from a psychology standpoint. I think most misunderstand the sport because it’s really not about violence as much as it is tactics…

…and confidence.

“If you fight angry, you make a lot of mistakes, and when you fight a sharp, witty fighter like me, you can’t make mistakes.” – Floyd Mayweather

I’m not a Floyd Mayweather fan, but I admire his single-mindedness. His confidence. His unwavering belief that no one can beat him and he is willing to bet on himself and put it all out on the line.

But he does not let his anger get the best of him.

There is the now the well-known story of how Floyd tried to bet 400K on himself before his fight with Conor McGregor (they didn’t allow the bet). Knowing his personality and ego, I’m sure he wanted to bet 10 million.

He absolutely believed and knew that he would win.Continue reading

Are The Optical Delusions Keeping You From Success?

Optical Delusions -

Optical Delusions are the crap that bends the light and lies to you. That’s the liars and charlatans who don’t care and peddle garbage.Will you fall for it?

We’ve been on roll this week!

I say ‘we’ve’ because of YOU…my Insiders Email Group (if you’re not why not??). You’re taking the time to read my emails/posts and I’m getting real with you…as I always do. And I appreciate the feedback I’m getting.

Some of the content this week has been heavy. Some would consider it negative (have had a few replies on this) but largely the response has been great. That’s because most of you GET IT. You get that some real changes need to take place in our world of online business. You get that people’s attitudes have to change if they’re going to see change in their lives.

So on that note…Continue reading

Stay True to Yourself…Unless You’re a Murderer or Bernie Madoff

Stay true to yourself - Kenneth Holland

‘Stay true to yourself man….!’ Really? You’ve got nothing IF you ‘stay’ anywhere…and the ‘truth’ is often wrong.

So you think you’re all that and a bag of chips?

You’ve been through the ringer…you’ve overcome huge obstacles in your life and business, and you’ve grown in ways you’ve never imagined.

If this has been your journey, I truly applaud you.

Your friends and loved ones watch your victories unfold and proclaim before you:

“You rock…stay true to yourself man…you’ve got this!”

You’ve got nothing IF you ‘stay’ anywhere…and the truth is often wrong.Continue reading

“I Have To Work Hard?” Yes…Should I Get Your Bankie Now??

I have to work hard? -

“I have to work hard?” is what a lot of internet newbies are asking these days. So here’s my no-holds-barred ‘wake the ‘f’ up’ answer to help you…

…and hot off the waffle iron of yesterday’s post I got a ‘humdinger’ of a response:

“This is crazy. You talk about all the hours you work (you are cool I guess) and thousands are creating hands off businesses and walking away with millions while you waste time writing about your money. You’re obviously an out of toush old man. You haven’t heard of Instagram have you.”

Criminy. I guess I’ve lost it. But I must disagree with your assertion that I’m ‘out of toush’. I can still get some good tail if I say so myself..

But let me digress and address this warrior of extreme intellect and man of wisdumb…

Clyde (let’s call him Clyde) is commenting on my post yesterday where I discussed the masses’ misunderstanding of the 4-Hour Workweek. I pointed out that while working towards a business and lifestyle where you can cut down your hours and still make great semolians is a great goal (and totally attainable) it takes a significant amount of upfront, consistent work to get there.

Apparently (as in he needs some parenting) Clyde thinks that in today’s world we can simply just slap a business together and throw it out there like a frisbee and it will come back ’round and serve you your beach house deed.Continue reading

Don’t Let Your Pain Define You

Don't Let Your Pain Define You - Kenneth Holland

Don’t Let Your Pain Define You (aka get over yourself)

“I’ve never been the same after she died.”

She kept sipping her drink quickly in between her words, as if trying to constantly pour cold water on a fresh burn.

But as I sat with this woman I had met a short time before, she revealed that her friend had tragically passed away 5 years earlier, and it was clear she was not willing (unable?) to move on.

As we kept talking she told me she had several failed relationships, problems with her children…and all directly connected to the loss of her friend.

Don’t Let Your Pain Define You (If You Want Purpose and Fulfillment)

Now…you might retort:

“You don’t know what she’s going through.”Continue reading

Are you the meek that shall demerit the earth?

Are you the meek that shall demerit the earth? Kenneth Holland

Are you the meek that shall demerit the earth?

“Nothing to be done.” – Estragon from ‘Waiting for Godot’

It genuinely pains me to admit that in my 17 years of online and affiliate marketing there is but a one-word description for the vast majority of people I’ve come across that fail in business…and life:


I could cite numerous examples and tell lengthy stories to support my claim (I don’t have to as I know that I am right) that most people sadly never get close to their potential merely because they simply don’t fucking act.Continue reading

Talent Alone Can Make You a Billionaire…The Great Fallacy

Talent Alone Can Make You a Billionaire - Kenneth Holland

They say talent alone can make you a billionaire…especially if you believe the latest Instagram meme showing your future jet. Here’s why that’s BS…

“Well, ya know…for me, the action IS the juice.”

(from the movie ‘Heat’)

So I’ve noticed a change with people’s attitudes and wealth…

In the past folks would say (about the wealthy) ‘they just got lucky’ or ‘I’m sure they inherited it!!’

I call it the classic ‘jealousy whine’.

But lately I’ve seen a reversal of sorts…especially on social media.

People going on and on about ‘crushing it’…going after that first billion, pictures of your private
jet you’re going to buy on Instagram…

“You can make billions…it ain’t hard…just go be a beast!”

Great. Most of it is garbage…Continue reading

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