If the Millionaires Use This Model...Shouldn't You?

If the Millionaires Use This Model…Shouldn’t You?


A few weeks back I was having lunch with internet marketing legend John Chow.

(He has these ‘Dot Com Lunches’ in California on the weekends…good stuff and I always learn a ton)

So me, John and a few others are talking about online business strategies while eating some good Pho… (ever had Pho??)

John then says…

“I don’t get people. There are new online opportunities utilizing product licensing starting up all the time now and people come to me and ask ‘is it a scam…is it a scam??'”

John just shook his head.

Now…mind you, John has been using the product licensing model for years now and has made MILLIONS.

If you read my ebook report (you DID didn’t you?) then you’ll know that companies like McDonalds and Subway use the SAME model.

Why are people like John and myself using product licensing?

Because when successful people see something with this much payoff (like I said John’s a multi-millionaire) they don’t sit on the sidelines.

And neither do I.

That’s why I shifted a big part of my business to the product licensing model.

I get to promote ready-made, HIGH-QUALITY products that provide a TON of value and sell like crazy.

Sounds like a win-win to me. 🙂

You need to learn how this works and not make the same mistakes I did

Don’t be left out until you educate yourself.

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