Loophole Discovered (uh...), Black Crack Friday Tips - Week in Review

Loophole Discovered (uh…), Black Crack Friday Tips – Week in Review


Magic Loophole and Crack Friday - Kenneth HollandWell hot damn! The secret, magic loophole wrapped in a do-it-yourself software that costs nothing and parks new Ferraris in your driveway has been discovered. Well…not quite. This ‘secret’ isn’t quite as exciting as that but it will *gasp* show you what it will actually take to start succeeding in your online affiliate business.

Annnnnnnd, we just had the vaunted ‘Black Friday’. Or as I like to sometimes term it, ‘here’s a new ‘Fridge’ for 148 bucks…now go fight 73 other people for it and we’ll see you at the checkstand.’ Here’s my take on ‘retail hell’ and how you can stand out from the horde.

Plus (of course) more…so let’s get to it:

Are you the meek that shall demerit the earth?

Ah…the virtue of patience. Not nearly enough people practice it is the conventional wisdom. I’ll give you your wisdom right here…bollocks! (Been waiting to use that word) Let me tell you: If you wait long enough for something, you…eh…wait…long enough. Get off your posterior and go make it happen whether your ready or not. Godot might tell you this except he might wait and think about it

Don’t Let Your Pain Define You

‘No pain no gain’. Great. Now…put down the kettleball (or whatever that thing is) and listen up: Pain can help you in life IF you #1 learn from it and #2 get over the bitterness that invariably comes with it. You need to deal with both. That’s why I see so many people struggle in their business…they wallow in their scars. Don’t.

Beating the Biz Opp Trolls for Fun and Prophet

*Sigh* My younglings, if I could impart just one nugget of eternal wisdom…I wouldn’t because I have so many. But seriously, my mission now is to teach the benefits of affiliate marketing (aka…the best business model ever) but also that you can’t build a successful one if you have the ‘opportunity mentality’. What do I mean? Go here and and read this.

The Hypocrisy of Shiny Object Syndrome

Not being able to stay focused on one thing is a ‘thing’. Trust me I’ve been there. And a never-ending number of internet ‘personalities’ will tell you that you need to not buy multiple training products and just stay subscribed to THEIR list and ‘get off those other ones…you’re just being distracted blah blah!’ Uh…no. Yes, while focusing on the job at hand and having consisten-see is vital do not blindly hitch your RV to one person for your education. This is why.

The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training for Beginners…Bar None

Ahhhh. This ought to ruffle a few potato chips. I know my noodles when it comes to affiliate marketing. Been doing it for years. As a result I’ve established 3 important strategies you must master in order to succeed. Yes, there many more nuances and ‘tips’ to be learned as you trot forth on your journey but nail these and you’ll be in good stead. Thing is they are deceptively simple so do not be fooled.

Black Friday is Coming…Wait…It’s Crack Saturday

“Here’s a hammer…go whack him over the head…trust me…he’ll drop that food processor right quick Vern!” Black Friday sounds like fun for the whole family doesn’t it? Instead, why don’t you show your customers that you’re not giving the farm away just because the news at 6 said you should. Here’s how…

Now that we’ve digested most of that turkey and stuffing (for us Westerners anyway) we can get back to the business of, well…Christmas food! My stomach just gave me the finger. 🙂 And hey, if you want to learn more about what I do with affiliate marketing you can get that here. Until tomorrow…

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