Jim Jones and the Social Media Koolaid

Jim Jones and the Social Media Koolaid


jim-jonesHey…do you remember Koolaid?

Do you remember Jim Jones?

In 1978 good ol’ Jimmy ran what was now famously known as the Peoples Temple…a crazy-ass cult ran by Jones who was the classic nutjob who got 918 of his cult members to swig Koolaid laced with Cyanide which completed the largest known mass suicide in recorded history.

Nice guy.

Apart from the over 300 children that perished in this tragedy (unimaginable to even think about), no guns were put to those grown-ups’ heads when they sealed their fate by drinking the concoction.

‘And what does this have to do with Social Media?’ you ask?


Every freaking day I see people being fed the equivalent of YooHoo about how the way to sell online is through Social Media.

No. You. Don’t.

Social Media is great for brand building and advertising. But you must leverage your Social Media efforts to get people on your EMAIL list and then relentlessly follow-up with them.

That’s how you market to people online.

Plus, with what Facebook is doing to squash your pages reach even to people who Like your page (most FB pages reach now is 2-4 PERCENT unless you advertise) you must employ getting those people on your email list so you can market to them at will.

EVERY single successful marketer uses email.

Every one.

So just like Jim Jones fed those poor souls misguided information that led to their demise, so it is with believing the half-truths about Social Media and the blatant lies from those who say…

‘Email is dead’

Email is far from dead folks.

No…you ain’t gonna die.

A pretty extreme example? You betcha.

But you MUST know this.

Your business life depends on it.


That’s why you need my training on email marketing and my f.ree Aweber email software trial.

Again, if you’re going to have ANY kind of business online…this is NOT optional.

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