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Jet’s Pizza Scottsdale, Arizona – Dot Com Food


Jet's Pizza ScottsdaleI was out the other night in Scottsdale asking around about a good pizza place. I was told Jet’s Pizza Scottsdale is really good, so that was enough for me.

Jet’s Pizza in Scottsdale is actually a national chain (the 12th largest in the nation with 400 stores) but I had never heard of them. Jet’s was founded by Eugene Jetts in 1978 and his mantra is fresh, quality ingredients.

From their website:

In 1978, Jet’s Pizza® founder Eugene Jetts was about to buy a new home. But on the way there, his passion for pizza took over. Instead, he signed a lease on a space that would become the first Jet’s® location. Along with his brother and partner John, they opened the doors to Jetts Party Shoppe & Pizzeria in Sterling Heights, MI. The pizza world would never be the same. They were about to make deep dish history by offering a truly, better pizza.

Jet’s Pizza Scottsdale [VIDEO]

Jet’s has numerous combinations of pizzas and styles (New York…what I got, deep dish, etc….) as well as salads, sides and wings.

You can order online (I did) and either have it delivered or go pick it up…you know…the usual stuff.

I went and picked it up (watch the video) and the staff there were very nice and courteous.

I ordered the Meatball Supremo (Meatballs, Pepperoni and Mild Peppers).

It was very, very good. I especially liked the flavor of the tomato sauce…excellent.

The dough was slightly dry…just a little. I’m nitpicking though. Overall it was an excellent pizza on par with any chain.

You can also join the Jet’s E-Club for specials, discounts, etc…

It looks like Jet’s is expanding as they are offering franchise opportunities.

I recommend Jet’s if you want a quick pizza that tastes really good and doesn’t cost an arm and leg.

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