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Internet Marketing Gurus that Feast on Your Blood

internet marketing gurus

Internet marketing gurus leave me with huge red bumps and freaking itching for days!

I’m from California and moved to Texas for about 4 years. And the mosquitoes were terrible. I always love hanging out in the back yard BBQ’ing with my Dad sipping on a cold Margarita…but then a few minutes later I’d feel something on my arm.

And there it was.

A nice large red bump.

And it was starting to itch.Continue reading

Moving the Free Line in to Poverty


Moving the Free Line into PovertyMaybe you’ve heard the saying in online marketing, ‘moving the free line’?

Basically it’s a process where a product seller gives more and more of his ‘stuff’ to their customers and/or prospects for free…usually to build goodwill, trust and to educate. So ‘moving’ the free line is merely giving away more freebies before you offer a paid product to them.Continue reading

Ready to Go Out of Business? Create Your Own Product


Create your own product and go out of business“Hey…just buy this master-jedi-traffic-monster tool, create your own product, and you’re on your way to millions“!

This just pisses me off to no end…

How many internet marketing promotions do you see on a daily basis touting their latest and greatest courses on how to master…Continue reading