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When and WHY You Shouldn’t go to Company Events


All I ever seem to hear from business builders and companies alike is…

“You HAVE to get to our company megalistic event! You’ll be at a big disadvantage if you don’t go!”

You don’t…and you won’t.Continue reading

Butts are not a real business…


“I get told ‘no’ all the time. I got told ‘no’ this morning, and I’ll get told ‘no’ tomorrow.

Why? Because I’m not hot enough to get smoke blown up my ass. I also always try to face my fears…no matter how uncomfortable. Continue reading

Questions of the Week…Dirty Uncle Kenster Gets Real With You…


Got some more questions in the past week so in the interest of being the helpful Gazillionaire that I am, I wanted to take a minute and answer them…

What is Whitelisting and Why is it Important?

First the definition:Continue reading

10 Mistakes Bloggers Make When Setting Up and Publishing a Post


10 Mistakes Bloggers Make When Setting Up and Publishing a PostIf you’re doing some sort of daily content (and you SHOULD be) a blog is a great way to house that content, whether it be a straight blog post, quotes (or a series of quotes) video or audio.

However, I see a lot of people making basic mistakes on their blog posts.

Here are the most common ones I see and how you can fix them:Continue reading

How to Build an About Us Page That Converts [Tutorial]


How to Build an About Us Page That Converts - Kenneth HollandMarketers really underestimate the power of a good ‘About Us’ page.

Since it’s one of the most visited pages on most websites let me show you how to build an about us page that converts.Continue reading

Video Editing Woes Have Changed My Content for Today


video editing woesToday was going to be my first Vlog episode for but the editing was a disaster because of corrupted files.

So here is my Facebook Live on the situation, as well as a few other topics I touch on.

Maybe you can help…Continue reading

How to get people to read your posts [Tutorial]


read your posts - Kenneth HollandIf there’s one thing that really frustrates me when I’m reading blog posts or social media posts (on Facebook especially) it’s long, unwieldy and hard to read paragraphs.

You know…the kind that go on and on and strain your eyes before the writer finally decides “hmmmm…wow. Maybe I should start a new paragragh.”

No kidding!Continue reading

iPhone External Microphone Adapter Setup for Video [Tutorial]

iPhone External Microphone Adapter Setup

iPhone External Microphone Adapter Setup for Video

I’ve had several people ask what audio setup I use when cutting my videos using my iPhone. When I tell them I use an inexpensive setup to plug the mic straight in to the iPhone itself they want to know how.

(NOTE: Some use audio syncing and extra equipment but I wanted something simpler and easy)

Today I recorded a video to show you what I do:Continue reading

The Best WordPress Backup and Restore Plugin – UpdraftPlus

wordpress backup and restore plugin

The Best WordPress Backup and Restore Plugin – UpdraftPlus

If you have a WordPress blog (please tell me you do and post to it regularly…), then you MUST back up your blog every time you update it.

I have used several WordPress backup plugins over the years to protect my data, and I now use UpdraftPlus for my daily site backups.Continue reading

Your Email and Blog Content Questions Answered


email and blog contentI get a lot of questions from people asking about email and blog marketing…specifically what should they post on their blog and what should they send in their emails.

Read on (and watch my video from San Diego) as I answer these and a few related questions…Continue reading