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Dallas Morning News Layoffs – Why Cost Cutting Will No Longer Work

dallas morning news layoffs - Kenneth Holland

The Dallas Morning News announced the layoffs of 43 employees the other day citing cost reductions as the reason. This is why the move won’t work…

The following is a written transcript from my video “Dallas Morning News Layoffs – The REAL Truth That Affects Digital Marketers” that appears on my Youtube channel ‘Kenneth Holland’. (If you’d like to subscribe, you can HERE):


Whoa, what’s going on everybody? Kenneth Holland here with the Friday edition of the Dot Com Minute. Hope everyone is having a good day. It’s a little gloomy and it’s supposed to rain later here in Dallas. What else is new? I want to talk and do a quick video today about the Dallas Morning News. Now this is more of a local regional story to Texas, but it’s yet another example of where business is leaning towards online, but it’s not what you think.Continue reading

Why Google Adsense is not a long-term profit solution

why Google Adsense is not an effective long-term business model - Kenneth Holland

Google Adsense is a very popular method to monetize a website. However, I’ll show you why Google Adsense is not an effective long-term business model…

Once you’ve set up your own web property (website, blog etc…) and start pushing out content the next goal usually is monetizing that content.

And the first strategy that comes to mind is putting ads on your pages…commonly referred to as display advertising.

In short (for those new to display ads), it’s the process of placing advertisements on your web site and you earn money when a visitor clicks on an ad (click-based ads) or when the page is simply viewed (impression-based ads).

One of the most popular display networks for earning money is Google Adsense.

Adsense is fairly easy to get started with. You sign up and once you’re approved you place some code on your website and ads will start to appear on your pages.

For most, it can be a great way to start earning SOME money for your content.

Some.Continue reading

Happy Holidays from Kenneth


Here’s wishing everyone a very happy holiday. I hope you’re able to spend it with the loved ones in your life.






This May Be The Biggest Beginner Online Mistake…

This may be the most glaring mistake you are making in business as a beginner online - Kenneth Holland

This may be the most glaring mistake you are making in business as a beginner online. If you don’t address this you are DOOMED…

This may now be the most glaring mistake you are making in your online business.

I see it all the time…I talk to people about it. I argue with some…which is funny because I don’t know why I’m arguing.

And it’s this:

Beginner marketers’ unwillingness or inability to track and reengage their website visitors.

I got an email just the other day from one of my Insider Email members who was looking for advice on his business. He is running display ads and he said the following:

“I know how you feel about display type ads, and I know you think email marketing is much more effective.”

I think?


I KNOW…Continue reading

Can I have some retargeting benefits with that email please?

retargeting benefts - Kenneth Holland

Do you remember the kid in school that got the retargeting benefits on his back with the words ‘kick me’ written on it? That was me. Now I make $$ with it

Do you remember the kid in school that got the piece of tape slapped on his back with the words ‘kick me’ written on it?

He was the one that got picked on hence the ‘kick me’ campaign.

In full transparency, I was victim of this on several occasions until I finally turned around and decked a kid named Jeff Overton for RETARGETING me.

He was trying to steal my snacks…eh! The vermin!

Yes, I was retargeted…old school version.

If you don’t know what retargeting is, it’s the ability to grab the information from someone who visited your website or an ad you’re running. With that info you can run further ads to that same visitor, massively increasing your awareness and/or conversions because that visitor has seen you before.

It is very powerful.

Chances are you’re not doing it. And actually that’s ok…for now.

For now…not in the future.Continue reading

Why you can’t run a business from your phone

run a business from your phone - Kenneth Holland

I just love the new wave of ads selling you the BS idea that you can run a business from your phone! No, you can’t. President? Yes. You? No. Here’s why…(…why do I have a TV remote to my ear???

It’s so easy.

So so easy.

“Run your business from your phone! Make thouuuuusands!!”


Smartphones have revolutionized communication. They do an amazing amount of things. There are an endless number of apps that gives us users an endless amount of ‘angles’ to (hopefully!) make our lives easier.

It can even help our business.

But you can’t run your entire business on it. Nor should you want to.

Disagree? Well let’s look…Continue reading

Caught with their pants down…a tale of arrogance

They were caught with their pants down -

They were successful…and arrogant. They ignored the signs and as a result were caught with their pants down. Will you follow their lead?

It was the early 90’s…the blow, the women (and men), the payola and the good times were had by all.

Oh yes…it was the heyday of the music industry…the gloves were off.

And I had a front row seat.

I worked in a mailroom for a major music industry trade publication. They collected ungodly sums to promote new and existing artists. The artists would come in to grease our wheels to make sure THEY were getting greased.

BIG money. I saw firsthand. Trust me…I often ran the bank deposits.

But the cracks started to form…if you were smart enough to look…Continue reading

Why Hard Selling Rarely Works in Online Marketing [VIDEO]


Why Hard Selling Rarely Works in Online MarketingThere is a reason why hard selling rarely works in online marketing and no…it’s not because of car salesmen. In fact, I will illustrate why your social media pitches fail and what you should be doing instead…all the time.

Watch my video below:Continue reading

The General Data Protection Regulation USA Freakout – My Take…RELAX!!

The General Data Protection Regulation USA Freakout

The General Data Protection Regulation USA Freakout…

There’s been a ton of hubbub lately on the European Union’s legislation, The General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR.

With user data being collected at massive levels by countless companies online AND offline, there has been growing concern (and rightly so) on what these companies are DOING with our data.

Smaller online marketers are freaking out a bit as we all are trying to figure out what exactly is ‘compliance’ so we don’t get in to hot water with the data that we collect.

While I think it’s VERY important that we (online marketers) adjust and comply with the new laws (that go in to effect on May 25th, 2018…tomorrow), I want to give you my reasons for why I think most people are overreacting and what to do going forward.Continue reading

Why Using Storytelling in Your Marketing is Vital to Your Online Success

Why Using Storytelling in Your Marketing is Vital to Your Online Success -

Why Using Storytelling in Your Marketing is Vital to Your Online Success

A couple of years ago I stumbled onto a radio/tv sportscaster personality named Colin Cowherd. You may or may not have heard of him…he has a morning show where he gives his opinions on sports topics. It’s called ‘The Herd’ and people usually either really love him or really hate him, but he’s very polarizing and it’s quite popular.

The reason why I bring him up and what drew me in to his show was his ability to tell stories. Let me explain what I mean…Continue reading

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