Why you should channel your inner Kardashian online

Why you should channel your inner Kardashian online

Right on the heels of my insightful, intelligent and entertaining post on Channeling Your Inner Howard Stern, I am back with more nuggets of wisdom…today extolling the virtues of channeling your inner Kardashian for fun and profit.

Now, I realize not everyone has the ‘junk in the trunk’ that Kim Kardashian possesses (I personally think she had a basketball implanted) but fear not…that is not the only reason why the Kings of Calabasas rule Reality Television and Social Media.

When you break it down the real reason Kim and her cohorts have been able to grab so many eyeballs is because they have a compelling story. Some may argue that they are hardly compelling but they are doing something right.

What do they REALLY do in most of the their episodes and social media posts, apart from promoting a product (which we’ll get to in a moment)?

They show where they’re eating, where they’re shopping, where they’re vacationing and who they’re having drama with. Anything else is just a variation of those 4 things. See, people love stories. LUUUVVV them. It’s how we’re wired as humans. And believe it or not, the story doesn’t have to be some grandiose event…such as traveling to Tuscany for lunch.

Take Casey Neistat. If you don’t know him, he’s a very popular Youtube Vlogger who makes mini-movies for consumption on YT. Many of his stories are so generic you would think ‘why in the world would anyone watch this’? But millions do…because part of the the appeal is HOW he presents himself. He’s inviting you to come along on his ‘story’ through the way he interacts with the camera.

And what both the Kardashians and Casey do is weave product promotions inside their stories. They make them part of the journey.

And people eat it up.

Why You Should Do This…

Because it’s easy (once you get going) and it’s fun. ANNND it’s profitable. Wouldn’t you like to be profitable even part-time while you’re out living your life?

Before you stop and say ‘I can’t do what they do’…you’re right. But you don’t want to. What you want to do it create a story that is unique to you no matter how mundane you think it might be. You can take something so simple and make a story out of it once you start getting in to the practice. People LOVE to follow other people who have a mission…even if that mission is going to store to search for that face cream you can’t find and what happened on the way there etc…

It doesn’t even have to be video (although video is a powerful medium). You can write your stories if that is your strength. Let me give you an example…


This is a story. A story about how you can start telling your story! Then use your story to sell things.

Like I will here…

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See you on the inside…:)

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