If It Were Easy Everyone Would Still Not Do It

If It Were Easy Everyone Would Still Not Do It


If It Were EasyIt’s frankly funny to me when I hear the statement “Well…*adjust jeans over pot belly*… if it were easy everyone would do it!”

No they wouldn’t.

I can only speak for being an American when I say there’s so much damn opportunity that it’s ridiculous.

Over 35% of people in the United States are on some kind of federal or state assistance. Yes, there are SOME people that NEED IT.

But listen to this quote from respected journalist John Stossel from Reason.com:

There are no jobs!” That is what people told me outside a government “jobs center” in New York City.

To check this out, I sent four researchers around the area. They quickly found 40 job openings. Twenty-four were entry-level positions. One restaurant owner told me he would hire 12 people if workers would just apply.

It made me wonder what my government does in buildings called “job centers.” So I asked a college intern, Zoelle Mallenbaum, to find out. Here’s what she found:

“First I went to the Manhattan Jobs Center and asked, “Can I get help finding a job?” They told me they don’t do that. ‘We sign people up for food stamps.’ I tried another jobs center. They told me to enroll for unemployment benefits.”

So the “jobs” centers help people get handouts. Neither center suggested people try the 40 job openings in the neighborhood.

This article is 5 years old. But guess what? It’s worse now.

I see some people on my social media who are on some kind of assistance. If they really need it, then I’m grateful that their able to avail themselves to that. But I also see some of these same people cry and moan about everything under the sun, while they sit back and claim their ‘help’.

You’re obviously able to type all day. Why don’t you put that to good use and start building an online business?

Here’s once ‘excuse’ I’ve heard several times: “Oh, if I start making money then I jeopardize my benefits.”

Let me tell you…with that thinking you are jeopardizing far more than that.

Now, this isn’t just a rant on people who (mostly) get handouts. Because there’s a ton of people who wouldn’t take an opportunity to better themselves financially if it bit em’ in the ass.

If It Were Easy ‘Everyone’ Would Still Not Do It

Are you one of the 10….20 percent?


Your job as a marketer, a business owner, or just a person looking to surround yourself with better people, is to find that 20% (if you’re lucky) that are ready to go to battle…

…and actually commit to working for their dreams.

As I like to say on social media, “Get Off Your Ass”.

Herewith the lesson: Are you going to be ‘everyone’?? Because ‘everyone’ makes excuses. ‘Everyone’ says ‘that’s a scam’. ‘Everyone’ tries to find the easy way (that doesn’t exist).

Like I said…

If it were easy ‘everyone’ would still not do it.

Don’t be ‘everyone’.

DO YOU AGREE? Drop a comment below and give me your take.

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