'I Will Try' Will Keep You Broke

‘I Will Try’ Will Keep You Broke

Have you ever said to someone ‘I will try’?

Of course you have. I have. We ALL have.

You KNOW why you say that, don’t you?

It’s because you more than likely will not do what you say.

It doesn’t make you (or me) a bad person…sometimes we say ‘I Will Try’ because we’re afraid to hurt someone’s feelings by saying….’no’.

However, you need to be careful what you DO say for your own mental health and overall success in life.

Be Careful When You Say ‘I Will Try’

Consider this…

We all use these cop-out words and phrases and they can be useful when used with awareness. But sometimes we use them to delude others – and ourselves. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is skilled at deluding himself from time to time.


Have you ever, for example, decided to do something while, deep down, knowing or feeling that you are not actually going to do it!

Well, if you make a habit of carefully listening to the words you use when telling people about your plans and ideas, as well as the words you use in your self talk, you will soon begin to notice when and where you use ‘get-out’ words and phrases.


The process of deluding yourself is not a healthy one. It’s the process of letting yourself ‘off the hook’…to actually  NOT be accountable.

Let’s be real here: Saying these types of statements once in awhile is actually fairly normal. But be careful in what context you use them…

Yoda: ‘Always with you it cannot be done. Hear you nothing that I say? You must unlearn what you have learned.’

Luke: ‘Alright….I’ll give it a try.’

Yoda: ‘No! Try not! Do…or do not! There is no try…’

In case you don’t already know, this is from the movie ‘Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back’. Luke Skywalker, the pupil, is getting trained by wise Master Yoda, and he is teaching Luke to trust, believe…and DO. Not try.

When it comes to important goals in your life, ‘I will try’ is not enough! It is ambiguous and defeatist. When you think back to something in your life that you wanted to badly accomplish in your life…you didn’t ‘try’, did you?

You ‘DID IT’!

Remember, self-talk ALWAYS feeds your subconsious! Be aware of this fact…

…and quit ‘trying’!


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