‘I Will Try’ Will Keep You Broke

March 14, 2021

by Kenneth Holland

"I will try." You will? Good for you. Now...go find me someone who will do it.

"Do or do not. There is no try."

For the tiny green badass that is Yoda, there's a ton of wisdom to be had from Star Wars.

...and its wisdom we should all take very seriously.

"I will try."

You've said this. I've said this.

You know why you've (and I ) said that, don’t you?

It’s because you more than likely will not do what you say.

It doesn’t make you (or me) a bad person…sometimes we say ‘I Will Try’ because we’re afraid to hurt someone’s feelings by saying….’no’.

However, you need to be careful what you DO say for your own mental health and overall success in life.

The process of deluding yourself is not a healthy one. It’s the process of letting yourself ‘off the hook’…to actually NOT be accountable.

Let’s be real here: Saying these types of statements once in awhile is actually fairly normal. But be careful in what context you use them…

I Will Try Not to Try Enough

JC Wandemberg:

When most people say “I’ll try” they are -consciously or subconsciously- creating a convenient way out, even before trying whatever it is they are supposed to “try.”
It’s a smart cop-out response, especially when dealing with anything that presents a challenge.
When most people say “I’ll try”, what they really mean is: “I’ll give it a shot,” or “I’ll put some effort into it,” or “O.K., I don’t have much to lose by just trying.” Thus, revealing what they are actually thinking, namely, “I don’t think I can do it.”
Some may say it because they are afraid of failure, or because they are afraid of being held accountable.

When it comes to important goals in your life, ‘I will try’ is not enough! It is ambiguous and defeatist. When you think back to something in your life that you wanted to badly accomplish in your life…you didn’t ‘try’, did you?

You did.

Countless times I've coached someone who said this very thing about their business. The result? Failure. Every time. It wasn't until they decided that they would do it did things change.

Remember, self-talk ALWAYS feeds your subconsious! Be aware of this fact…

…and quit ‘trying’.

Trying does one thing quickly though:

It gets you nowhere...fast.