'Oh...I Don't Have Any Money'

‘Oh…I Don’t Have Any Money’

I Don't Have Any Money

‘I’m working on getting that 5 bucks together!’

Frankly…this one makes me laugh.

‘I don’t have the money to do this.’

I get this a lot.

Here’s the brutal truth:

If you don’t have $4.95 (for measly shipping) to grab Dean’s Dirty Affiliate Secret (which, by the by, is refundable)…

You need to check yourself.

Maybe get a job?

…or decide you’re worth more than a lame excuse like this one.

Call it tough love from the ol’ Kenster here…


…you need to get real.

‘No…really Ken. I don’t have it.’


Anyone can come up with 5 bucks.



Most of the people reading my emails aren’t excuse-makers (I hope you’re not one of them)…

…if you are…

Then maybe you need to reconsider trying to start a business online.

Because none of what I teach is going to help you until you sort out what’s between your ears.

I’m doing all I can to help you here.

If you’re ready to take a SMALL step and start creating a business and change for yourself (and your family) then go watch my and Dean’s video and grab Dean’s training.

Dean’s going to show you what’s been hidden from you and how you can profit from it.

Powerful, life changing stuff.

No excuses…man (or woman) up.

Link below…



Kenneth Holland

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