How To Stop Blaming Others: The Anti-Posterior Technique

March 25, 2021

by Kenneth Holland

'I got the cry-baby "you're trying to take my lunch money you heathen" pablum recently. The antedote? How To Stop Blaming Others: The Anti-Posterior Technique'

I could feel the whiny, tire-kicking, excuse-making ‘I-want-40K-by-next-week-done-everything-for-me’ attitude a mile away…

This lady really had it in for me too. ‘Gertrude’ we’ll call her (to protect the complaining)…and she took one hell of an exception that she was on my email list and that I dare send her an offer trying to sell her something. *gasp*

"All I get are these emails from you telling me I should buy this and buy that! It’s always something EVERY DAY! You’re just a 2 bit car salesman trying to take my money! Well I’m not falling for it and I’m reporting you Mr. Holland!!"

2-bit car salesman?


And reporting me to WHO? The email gestapo? CAN Spam? (what IS that anyway??)

Funny thing tho. She stayed on my list even though she evidently hated what I was sending her. Maybe she stayed because of my rugged good looks...

The Blame Game Houses Your own Insecurity...

Usually I dismiss this drivel. But on this day I felt compelled to respond…

"‘Gertrude’ [again protecting the name in case of witness protection], have you actually TRIED any of the products I promote and endorse?"

*Proverbial Crickets*

I’ve been in this business awhile, and here’s the bottom line: Most of the IM stuff out there being sold these days is actually pretty good. Yet, you hear all the doomsdayers spout how most products are crap.

It ain’t the products. It’s the attitudes my friends.

The problem is people bitch, complain, throw BLAME and never implement what they buy. And why do we put the blame on others when something or some course ‘doesn’t work’? Because it gives us an out. We find that scapegoat that makes us feel better…comforted and it validates our decision not to act.

And about the products: If you're unlucky enough to get taken by a shamsman (or woman)...then guess what? You've been in this business as long as me and it is bound to happen from time to time. As they say in Jersey..."poop occurs" (PG version).

If people like Miss G spent less time complaining and more time implementing her business then the world would be a wealthier place with less griping.

Speaking of doing, that's what tends to happen in my Email Insiders Group. You get the help you need to start making sales.

That would be money.

Funny...because some people can't even be bothered to get help when info is free yet they're really good at whining about the world. That's emails and blogposts weed out the boneheads anyway...

The cost? Like I said...NADA. But who knows...that may change.

Might want to get in now.

Go find the form on one of my pages or...*gasp*...send me an email and ask for help.

I know...novel concept actually getting off your posterior and actually doing something (as my Uncle used to say).