How to Promote on Social Media Without Spamming

June 1, 2021

by Kenneth Holland

'For some mysterious (or lazy) reason it's quite difficult for some learning how to promote on social media without spamming...'

It was a bit bloody…but a little burnt on the ends…

…and I was shoving it in to my mouth.

Now THAT was a steak!!

*chomp chomp* ‘Mmmmmmmm.’ I’m humming out loud in orgasmic bliss as I washing down the amazing Rib Eye with some epic Cabernet.

But this gal staring at me had other ideas.

I looked up as I was stuffing another slab of cow in my face and there she was. She was a boring a hole right through my forehead with her glare. I then read what was on her shirt:

‘Vegans Are Lovers’.

I almost said hi but she turned away quickly in obvious disgust at my abhorrent behavior.

Then I thought to myself, ‘If you are so offended why are you in a steakhouse honey?’

Hey…maybe she likes the martinis. I looked and she was eating some kind of plant I think.

My friend then told me, “Ken, she’s eating a salad.”

“Oh.” I replied in surprise and curiosity. “I’ve read about those.”

The Social Media Spamming Hall of Sham(e)

So all this reminded me of what I see every day in Social Media…people slapping their ‘offer’ all over Facebook while having ZERO clue who the hell is going to see it.

Or how how about this one: You start friending a shitload of people then send them a private message: “Hi, thanks for accepting my request. Hey, I’m desperate…how’s the family…oh I don’t care because I don’t know you and this is creepy isn’t it? Can you buy my stuff?? Hey, where did you go……..?”


...just like the Vegan running around inside meatville...

Now that you’ve seen the light and are not spamming people you buy some leads. ‘Why isn’t anyone responding to me?’ you ask yourself. Unbeknownst to you, you bought some crap list and got taken by some huckster who told you ‘these leads are fresh!’

Yep, they’ve only been in the dumpster for 6 days.

Catching my drift here Charlie?

How to Promote on Social Media Without Spamming...and Reduce Your Chances of Douchness...

A few things you need to know…get out your etch-e-sketch and write this down.

1. Don't join 87 Facebook Groups that all allow spam, and then proceed to do the same thing.

2. Don't post an 'offer' promising they can make $787 an hour with a 'weird trick' in 7 minutes a day while on vacation in your Ferrari that you don't have.

3. Don’t buy lists. Most of the them are scams and dog poopie.

4. If you’re going to buy advertising (and if you’re serious about an online business you WILL have to learn how to do this) then learn how to TARGET your audience.

5. Don’t try to crowbar their head in to a sale on the first contact. Or heaven forbid, just send the lead to a sales page without collecting their email.

6. Learn how to calculate your CPC. That’s cost per conversion. Learn this and you can become rich in any business.

7. Don’t make eye contact with a Vegan when you’re having mouth sex with a bacon cheeseburger.

8. Tell the truth.

Get with the Joneses (Aka the Anti-Spam Movement)

Non-spam, Targeting and CPC are huge. Learn them.

Don’t spam people on Facebook. Or Twitter. Create a little content. Or a lot.

And don’t try to sell polygraph machines to politicians. Remember what I said about targeting??

And maybe most importantly, subscribe to my Youtube channel where I release gobs of golden nuggets on marketing, life...and good rack of lamb.

Just make sure to wear a bib and a trucker hat when you come in...