How to Build an About Us Page That Converts [Tutorial]

How to Build an About Us Page That Converts [Tutorial]


How to Build an About Us Page That Converts - Kenneth HollandMarketers really underestimate the power of a good ‘About Us’ page.

Since it’s one of the most visited pages on most websites let me show you how to build an about us page that converts.

How to Build an About Us Page That Converts [Tutorial][VIDEO]

Why You Need an About Page

[00:25] A lot of websites don’t even have an ‘About’ page, most likely because people are just lazy and don’t think it makes a difference. Oh…it does and here’s why…

Incorporate a Logo and a Photo

[01:55] Your About page is a great tool to establish branding and trust. That’s why you should be using a logo in the body copy and a photo of yourself or your brand.

Why Should the Visitor Listen to You?

[03:00] When someone lands on your ‘About Us’ page, you want to immediately grab their attention and make them want to read further. Conveying to them why they should listen to your message is a great way to pull them in.

Set Expectations for Your Visitor

[04:03] Here you want to tell them what you will be doing…and what they’ll be getting. For example, if you’re trying to get them on your email list, you want them to know how often you will email them. You also want to go deeper on how you can help them.

Give Them Your First Call to Action

[05:05] A huge mistake so many make is they don’t present a call to action on their ‘About’ page. This is a GOLDEN opportunity to get them on your email list, present them with a special offer, or whatever call-to-action you want them to complete to pull them in.

What are Your Qualifications

[06:01] While the main goal of your page is to show how you can help your prospect, it’s important to show what your qualifications are and again, dovetail that in to how you will be able to help them.

End With Another Call to Action

[09:15] Wrap up your page with the same call to action. This reinforces to your prospect that this CTA is important and they better jump on it.

Your ‘About Us’ page is very important as you have now learned. So watch my video and get that page rockin’!!

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