How to Answer Email and Become a Millionaire

How to Answer Email and Become a Millionaire

Answer email and become a millionaireYes, it’s true! You can make millions in the next 30 days by sitting around working 2 hours a week while you answer email

Well, no you can’t.  But you’ll certainly struggle to make money online if you refuse to answer email from your prospects and customers in a timely manner.

It’s actually shocking to me how many people in business…especially online…that don’t answer their email …

Answer Your Email and Be Better Than These Clowns…

Fail #1:

I purchased an internet marketing product awhile back to help me in my business from a marketer who’s email list I’m on. It’s a really good product and has delivered results for me.

Sometime later I contacted the same guy I had bought that product from because I needed something else.

No response. Sent another email. No response. Sent another email. Finally got an answer.

“Sorry Ken, been very busy and traveling blah blah…here check out this link….”

It took him 6 days to get back to me and I wanted TO BUY SOMETHING!!

6 days.

Same scenario happened again with the guy. This time 9 days. Again, I was READY TO BUY!

Fail #2

Bought a small report from another marketer. Very good report. Excellent product. Sent in a few questions I had on it. No answer. Sent 2 more follow-ups. Finally got an answer 5 days later:

“So sorry…been busy with the holiday. Here’s your answers blah blah.”

Fail #3

I purchased a very well known tool for my blog. A lot of people use this tool. Lots of testimonials. Can’t get it to work right, have a few questions on the product AND and am thinking of upgrading to a multi-site license for the tool which will give the guy another 277 bucks.

After several emails and absolutely no response I returned the product.

So what is the common thread here?

On all three examples I BOUGHT product from them.

It pisses me off to even say this but apparently I have to:


Really? You don’t say??


How to Answer an Email When You’ve Decided You’re Going to be Serious and Helpful

It honestly shocks me that these three people illustrated above can’t seem to find the time to answer my queries…especially when I have given them money.

I realize emails can get blocked, etc…so I always send several emails so I pretty much know that someone is either answering me or not. That way you pretty much know if someone is a slacker who doesn’t care.

So here’s my question…

Do you treat your customers and/or your email subscribers this way?

Because if you do, I have advice for you:


Stop right now and pack it in. Go do something else.

Sorry to be blunt but contrary to some of the crap marketers and courses out there this is REAL business.

And real business people who answer email and take care of their customers are the ones who make the money.

It’s really simple folks.

Take care of your customers and prospects. Answer your email from customers AND prospects within 24 hours. If you can’t, then get someone who can.

Answering email is not hard.

I don’t wanna hear the excuse “I’m away from my computer”.


We all have smartphones now. If you don’t have one take off your bell-bottom jeans, throw away your rotary dial telephone and go buy one.

“I don’t answer email during the weekend.”

I suggest you start. This isn’t 1975 where you lay around on the weekend eating a Club Sandwich and swigging a Michelob.

It’s not hard to relax and answer some emails. Remember the smartphone idea above?

You can even outsource this part of your business cheaper than you think. But that’s for another post.

I’ll tell you this based on what I’ve seen in 13 years online: There are successful marketers that don’t answer email on the weekends. But…if you do this you’ll set yourself apart from them.

Care about your customers and prospects. Answer their emails in a timely fashion like I described.

Here’s a novel concept:

Actually help them and offer assistance when they ask.

It can be a game changer.

Do you have any questions about email? Send me one. 🙂

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