How Often Should You Post on Twitter? [Tutorial]

How Often Should You Post on Twitter? [Tutorial]

How Often Should You Post on Twitter - Kenneth Holland

How Often Should You Post on Twitter? [Tutorial]

A very common question I get is how often should you post on Twitter?

Twitter is quite a bit different than other social media channels (like Facebook for example) in that the number of times you can post in a given day can (and should!) be increased markedly.

The issue for so many people is they cannot come up with all that content to post on a daily basis.

You don’t have to!

Check out my video below where I’ll show you how to leverage Twitter without leveraging your time…

How Often Should You Post on Twitter? [Tutorial][VIDEO]

NOTE: Here is Part 1 of my Twitter training: The 4 ‘Must-Have’ Elements for an Effective Twitter Page [Tutorial]

[00:30 of video] Here’s How Often Some Twitter Power Users Post (including me)

You can post pretty much as often as you want (even 20 times an hour it appears!) as long as you don’t repeat the same post over and over in a given day. If you do that, you’ll come off as spamming…your users will not like it and neither will Twitter. Check out how often we post.

[02:15 of video] How Do You Come Up with New Content on a Daily Basis?

You don’t. Every type of content you generate (blog posts, videos, Facebook posts, quotes, memes etc…) can be set up in a ‘Jukebox’ to be posted out to your users over and over…content syndication. You achieve this by…

[02:25 of video] Using a Tool Called Social Jukebox

Unlike most social media posting tools (where you manually schedule each post to go out when you determine) Social Jukebox let’s you put all your content in a ‘Jukebox’ and schedule it to go out as often as you want. For example, you have 20 different pieces of content. You set those to go out every other day and Social Jukebox will post them for you in random order (to make it more natural). SJ will keep doing that as long as you have that Jukebox on.

[04:20 of video] Social Jukebox Allows You to Syndicate All Your Content on Auto-Pilot

The advantage to using a tool like Social Jukebox is it allows you to post all your older content so your users see it. And as you add more and more content you just drop it in to your jukebox and it gets seen over time continuously building your brand (and leads!) on auto-pilot. Nifty, eh? You can also schedule your Facebook posts and even post to Linkedin.

If you’re going to have a content strategy for your online business (which you should!) this is a must. It will make your life so much easier and build your following for you.

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