How Do You Stop Procrastinating? By Understanding WHY…

March 3, 2021

by Kenneth Holland

'How do you stop procrastinating? You could simply install a new hard drive or realize that the issue is often a very simple defense mechanism...'

Rewind…2 years ago.

I’ve got my steaming hot cup o’ Joe and I crank up the ol’ laptop.

While I let the computer warm up…I throw a few dishes (and a piece of pizza crust) in to the sink, wipe the counters down and sit down to start my day.

Then I look on the screen…

There’s nothing on the desktop.

“What the….?” I mutter to myself.

Eh. This has happened before…let me just restart it.

25 minutes later I still have no desktop…and mild panic starts to set in. “I must have a virus.” I’m thinking. To make matters worse, I have a flight later in the day and work to get done.

I can’t screw around. I flip through my phone and get a guy named Dustin from a some local computer and virus repair. “Can you get here today…I know it’s Saturday…” My computer is barely working and I’m already scheming of how I’m gonna find the #@#hole who infected my machine.

“I can be there in about 3 hours…and we’ll fix it.”

“Great!” I exclaim. His assurance calmed me. This guy will get to the bottom of it. Guys named ‘Dustin’ always have the answers, right?

Fast forward 3 hours later…

“Bad news.” he says flatly. Dustin had been on my machine about 20 minutes.

“What…what? Is it a virus??” I plead.

“No…viruses are easy. Your hard drive is failing.”

How Do You Stop Procrastinating? All Your Gadgets Break...

He shows me a diagnostic menu on my PC. “Look here.” I look…and it has a bunch of gibberish. But under that it says ‘disk health: warning’.

“Your drive is starting to fail…who knows when it will die. It needs to be replaced.”

Dejected, I plopped on the couch and cursed myself for a moment. Why don’t I have a backup computer? I’d been thinking that I needed one…just never got around to it. Why today? I have a flight in 4 hours. This is the crap that happens when I can’t stop procrastinating.

Sound familiar?

Dustin did some more tweaking and testing…restarted my machine and it started working again…”It could work for awhile, but don’t chance it for too long. You either need a new drive, or a new computer.”

Fortunately, my laptop worked through the weekend with some hiccups…but I heeded his advice and got a new machine.

But what did I do? I put things off always thinking “I’ll get a backup PC…or a backup drive……later.”


See? This is when you get whacked

By procrastinating. 

Putting things off.

I still do this. We all do. But that’s when you get stung..

Not only that, but business moves so fast that when you don’t stay up to date on what’s changing…especially online (affiliate, email, seo, whatever...), you get caught out.

Can’t Stop Procrastinating? It’s Not a Lazy Issue, Trust Me...

Before you chastise yourself for your lagging ways, you need to dig a little bit as to WHY you’re not succeeding. No, I don’t have some magical blog-like revelation followed by a $7 mini-course that’ll solve it (although that’s a good idea...).

This is something we all have to figure out ourselves. Oftentimes it’s a pretty simple realization.

However, this is a very revealing video of some of our motivations behind why we procrastinate. Keep an open mind when you watch be surprised at how you feel after.

I won’t delay you any longer…go watch it (because this really works!).