How Broke Are You? And Who’s Fault Is That?

May 21, 2021

by Kenneth Holland

'How broke are you? If it's 'a lot''s usually the result of some things spinning around between your ears...'

I was going to quote this jackass below (as I sometimes do) but today I decided not to give him the press.

However, here is a snippet of the whining in a nutshell:

Guy bitches to me that even though he can get a free trial of an autoresponder email service and my free bonus (that will actually help him to use said autoresponder and actually make some money…AND…he can keep the bonus even if he doesn’t want to use the service) he is ‘not willing’ to put in his credit card info to start the trial.

It's the 'oh yeah...I'm really interested in this blah blah...oh, I'm not submitting my credit card for anything online *snivel/whine*'.

How Broke Are You? That depends on your attitude...

THIS, my esteemed friends, is the loser mentality.

In reality, he is not willing to do anything to change his current situation.

Because he is not living in reality.

Keep in mind that you simply MUST have an autoresponder in this business (affiliate/online marketing), or you are kidding yourself.

I, of course, unsubscribed this person from my list.

Have you asked yourself why you're really broke?

Now, some might say "Ken, he's just being careful with his personal information...:

Ok. Then live under a rock in paranoia worrying that your credit card info might get stolen...even with all the security that's put in place in today's online experience.

In addition, you either take some risks in life or you do not. You gotta make a decision to move forward or not.

Being broke is a state of mind...nothing more

I cannot…sorry….will not spend my time offering my coaching to people who have no intention of being the least bit serious about a business and who live in fear.

I don’t want them anywhere near me…or on my list.

They are waste of time. Mine...and yours.

Does not make them a bad person.


THE goal in my coaching and email marketing is to create value AND sales (yep…sales), or I get them off my list.

They have no idea what they want, and they have not yet figured out that their problems rest not in ‘everyone trying to scam them’ (rarely happens people) but their own self-limiting beliefs about what they can achieve.


End of story.

Broke attracts broke

The lesson here??

This is what YOU want in your own online business…to weed out the riff-raff by being strong, valuable and unapologetic.

You separate the wheat from the chaff this way.

It’s called positioning.

Yes, marketing is about respect. But it’s NEVER about kissing ass. Your potential customers should respect you in return. If they don’t, get rid of them.

If You're Broke Isn't It YOUR Fault?

For me, if someone says they are broke (and then makes the above said, lame excuses), I usually tell them they need to get unbroke.

Very few are truly ‘broke’.

They are just lazy, don’t respect themselves, want things handed to them and make excuses why they can't move forward ("my cat is still constipated and until she poops I have to hold off...")

I work with, and sell quality products to people who are doers…not whiners and excuse makers.

If you’ve read my blog posts and emails, you know that I consistently offer solutions to help people start and run a business online. But you have to actually implement those things.

If you’re the least bit serious, you’ll take me or someone else of value online up on our experience and start actually doing what needs to be done. There’s no risk to you except your time and some money. If you’re willing to risk neither you’re in the wrong place and frankly have a whole 'nother host of issues to work through.

Start learning how to market yourself online and create financial independence for yourself and your family or keep watching Game of The Walking Tiger Spleen.

If you want to get 'unbroke',  act like it.