"No one is going buy Higher Ticket Products"

“No one is going buy Higher Ticket Products”

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Successful higher ticket products is about one thing. Do that to the right market and you’ll sell all day. But most people are too lazy to learn. Here it is…

“No one is going to buy a higher ticket item…I tried.”

This was a response I received after yesterday’s post. Nothing else was offered in the their answer.

To say this is not true couldn’t be more of an understatement.

‘High ticket’ products are sold in every industry, everywhere. every day. You could start rattling them off by the tens of dozens…starting with housing.

What this response speaks to specifically is this person’s FAILURE to sell higher ticket products.

They ‘tried’. I wonder how hard they ‘tried’?

I’m betting not very.

It’s really not any harder to sell higher ticket products…it’s only more expensive (typically) to promote those sales.

I know this because I’ve tested it for 17+ years.

Successful high ticket sales is about one thing: Demonstrating value.

Do that to the right market and you’ll sell all day. But most people are too fucking lazy to learn.

As I like to say, harsh…I know…but certainly true. Way too many people are secure with their diapers on.

Success in ANYTHING takes balls of iron. If you don’t believe that…the sooner you learn to do exactly that the sooner you’ll have more success and fulfillment in your life.

As my Uncle used to say to me: “Stay away from the big rocks. They’re real easy to hide under.”

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