High-Flying Affiliate Mistakes You Can (Not) Run From Your Phone - The Week in Review

High-Flying Affiliate Mistakes You Can (Not) Run From Your Phone – The Week in Review


I’ll never understand why people sell themselves short. Demonstrating a higher value not only helps you but helps the person you’re selling to.

This past week I touched (down) on leveraging the efforts of others in your product/service offerings and warned of being complacent. I also told the tale of a man who frankly makes most of us wimps when it comes to commitment and overcoming the odds.

So put down your phone for a few minutes (since it ain’t about to do any selling for ya) and give this a read…

New Payment App Makes Typical Affiliate Mistake

It’s as common as corn in Mexican Rice, but that doesn’t make it any good (WHY do they insist on putting corn in there?? *blech!!*). You’ve seen it…a ‘generous’ EIGHT PERCENT affiliate commission. Yep, I’m gonna be rich! Excuse me while I go place my Lambo order. Zapga…yo…aaa I don’t even know how to pronounce it…makes the typical mistake by offering potential affiliates PEEnuts. Yes, I know…Amazon offers a low-ball affiliate cut too. Amazon also owns the internet. You can do this instead and be better off.

“No one is going buy Higher Ticket Products”

I’m glad someone has come out to tell it like it is! Let’s also debunk some other commonly held beliefs: No one buys cars, boats, homes, businesses, buildings, jewelry and of course…you, moron. THAT’S what they’re not buying. And they’re not buying because you haven’t figured out how to thread that thing called your noggin on to your pencil thin, loser neck. Yes, my tough love rubs some on 50 grit sandpaper I know…but someone has got to champion the cause of ‘don’t be an absolute idiot‘.

Why Boeing Cheats and Why You Should Model Their Business

“I knew those rat bastards were scamming the public! How dare they have other people create plane parts for them! Huh? What? Oh…you mean this is what virtually every company on earth does? But some Goo-roo tells me I better create all my own products if I want to have a business? And that line of bullkaka is…bullkaka? Wow. Guess I better listen to companies who actually make money…”

Caught with their pants down…a tale of arrogance

Next time someone tells you their way of doing business is never going to change, believe them. Then, make sure you buy a trailer and stick it on Uncle Jeb’s backyard next to the rotted out water heaters he’s refurbishing and prepare to move there when that way of doing business goes the way of the VHS tape machine. Another way of putting this is keeping the rose-colored Elton John shades will get you this.

Why you can’t run a business from your phone

Ever tried to copy and paste from your iPhony and it just works perfect every time? Me neither? Ever tried to write a lengthy blog post (you DO create content, right?), format, publish and syndicate it all from your smartyphone? Me neither. Need I say more?

The Real Meaning of Commitment: Niki Lauda

Real commitment means working your face off…and in Niki Lauda’s world, you can take that literally. Now, you don’t have to be an obsessed race car driver to reach your goals, but I see a lot of people think that hard work and commitment means throwing out a couple of links on social media for 10 minutes followed by a Cheetos break. I’ll bottom-line it for ya: You want real success? Dig in and work your ass off.

I’m not sure how I feel about Cheetos, burnt scalps and pants around your ankles all in one post. But it could make a good movie script. Let’s call it ‘The Devil Made Me Eat Junk Food in the Desert While I……’ eh, nevermind. But you can get a glimpse of my blogging ways and diatribes on my ‘about’ page.

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