He fell on my blog and became spelling bee champion

He fell on my blog and became spelling bee champion


jackassHere’s a gem of an email from someone on my list:

‘o boy!! Your going to set me up a blog I fell special. blogs have been around for years and dont do what they do anymore. there played out and so are you that you dont know what your talking about.

i got an offer. look at my real opportnity and you should hope on board. If not, then I will get off your email because you need help jerk@$#.’

This is GREAT stuff.

Where do I start? First, let me wipe the tears from my eyes from the pure comedy.

Pablum like this makes my marketing so much more easy and enjoyable.

So let’s briefly disect this human encyclopedia of wisdom, knowledge and ‘grammur’ genius:

– Apparently he ‘fell’ on something special. It guess it was on my blog?

– Blogs don’t do what they do anymore? What is that, exactly? There’s a few hundred million of them so that’s a lot of ‘not doing what they do’…or something like that *wiping more tears of laughter*

– I need to look at his opportunity and ‘hope’ on board…yes…I better hope he doesn’t swig 7 more Pabst Blue Ribbons…

– Heck yes, I’ll need help…if I run in to this guy he might bring a crowbar from his Mom’s basement…where he obviously lives.

– Get off my email? Beat you to the punch pal. I unsubscribed him myself. I ordinarily let these professors stay if they show some respect so I did his ‘hoping’ for him. I’m a lover not a fighter after all…


Let me point out that I’m not making fun of this person because he chose to be insulting and disrespectful.

Ok, yes I am.

Having said that, people like this give me great content.

And I guarantee he is not making squat online.

After 15 years of this, I can spot ’em a mile away.

They’re nothing more than excuse makers and all they have is to (attempt) to belittle people.

So I use this as a lesson to you:

Treat people with respect and demand it in return. He doesn’t deserve my respect or my training.

So off you go. Out skippy…

When you’re out in the world marketing you have solutions that are going to help people. Always remember that and never put up with a ‘potential customer’ that doesn’t give you a basic level of respect.

(hint: these losers are never going to buy and if they do you do not want their money anyway)

Remember this (and this is controversial to some):

The customer is NOT always right.


…in email marketing, these kinds of emails are gems for content so never be discouraged when you get these. When you do, it means you’re doing something right.

More on these marketing nuggets of gold soon.

Back to falling on my blog…

You need to fall on your own. And I’m going to make it a no-brainer to do just that.

I will set one up for you and I ain’t gonna charge you.

All I ask is you stay out of the basement.


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