Having fun at the expense of the grammar police

Having fun at the expense of the grammar police

having fun at the expense of the grammar police - KennethHolland.com

When it comes to your content marketing, having fun at the expense of the grammar police is a must if you want to make sales…

The grammar police dah dah dah dah dah dah dah!!

In 3rd grade my older brother had this teacher named Miss Swanson who was, shall we say, a bit of a totalitarian.

I’m pretty sure it was ‘Miss’ because she needed people to know she hated men…but I digress…

It didn’t help that my bro was a bit of a muckraker…you know…a troublemaker.

So when he would cut up, Swanson was at the ready with the ruler…


Usually on the back of the hands or on the rump roast. Eh, you get the idea.

In this day and age teachers can hardly get away with raising their voice at a student much less be able to whack ‘em with a ruler, wooden spoon or garden rake. Bleh! Cream puff world we live in now…

And this reminds me of

the saying ‘Grammar Police’.

Having Fun At the Expense of the Grammar Police

Firstly, let’s look at the definition (from Urban Dictionary):

Those who seek to have correct English written online. They are not opponents of free speech, or 1337. They merely wish that the fundamentals of English are withheld. They will correct bad Grammar and Spelling, and flame the use of ridiculous, Chav, MSN inspired abbreviations such as ‘wuu2’. They are in full support of 1337, and support net slang.

Grammar Police are NOT in affiliation with Grammar Nazis.

Apparently they want you to know that the Police are not out for harm.

(Plus, what the hell is 1337?)

Here’s the dealio…

The grammar police frown upon wordsmithing that is NOT prim and proper use of the beloved written language.

They hate dots thrown around (…)(ahem!), words like ‘dealio’ (oops) and just overall wordfartery.

(Do I really do that?)

They also detest short little paragraphs (what?) in favor of hard-to-read bulbous word flatulence.

What’s Wrong With Good Grammar You Say?

Why do I appear to oppose such writing and their grand wisdom?

Because it doesn’t sell kaka. Aka, it’s boring as hell and not entertaining.

I want you to be having fun at the expense of the grammar police.


This is just one of the things I will cover in my personal online consulting program that I have just relaunched.

I will be doing this only a few times a month but the benefits are yuge.

Some of Topics We’ll Cover (If You’re a Fit):

> Finding Your True Goals – Most people think they know but they do but don’t. We’ll figure this out. Doesn’t take long either.

> The Tools You Simply Must Have to Get Started – There aren’t that many…but you have to have these (not expensive either).

> The REAL, Correct Way to do Affiliate Marketing – Do not bother trying to create your own product (unless you’ve mastered affiliate marketing)

> How To Get Targeted Traffic – HINT: It’s not posting in Facebook groups that you have the greatest widget since sliced bread. No one cares and most people in there groups are worthless.

That’s a sampling (there’s a lot more in other words).

What to do next…

Go to my link below and book a consultation call with me (totally free). There’s no pressure…we will just see if we’re a fit to work together. If not, we go our separate ways…no harm, no fowl.

Here’s the link:


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