Why Google Adsense is not a long-term profit solution

Why Google Adsense is not a long-term profit solution

why Google Adsense is not an effective long-term business model - Kenneth Holland

Google Adsense is a very popular method to monetize a website. However, I’ll show you why Google Adsense is not an effective long-term business model…

Once you’ve set up your own web property (website, blog etc…) and start pushing out content the next goal usually is monetizing that content.

And the first strategy that comes to mind is putting ads on your pages…commonly referred to as display advertising.

In short (for those new to display ads), it’s the process of placing advertisements on your web site and you earn money when a visitor clicks on an ad (click-based ads) or when the page is simply viewed (impression-based ads).

One of the most popular display networks for earning money is Google Adsense.

Adsense is fairly easy to get started with. You sign up and once you’re approved you place some code on your website and ads will start to appear on your pages.

For most, it can be a great way to start earning SOME money for your content.


I say this because it’s very difficult to make a significant income unless you have a large amount of traffic coming to your site consistently. First off, Google Adsense takes a healthy cut from each click generated. Secondly, the actual amount you make from each click is fairly low in most cases. Thirdly, once your visitor clicks away through to the ad they are gone.

A Much Better Alternative to Google Adsense

In most cases I strongly recommend you start by setting up a simple email funnel. Set up opt-in forms on your site to collect email addresses and then market to those people with affiliate offers and similar promotions.

Is this more work than simply slapping Adsense on your site and getting clicks? It sure is. But, you can potentially make a much bigger income by employing this and it’s a more sustainable business model.

“What If I’m Just Getting Started and Don’t Have an Email Funnel Set Up?

Start with Adsense. I used them for years and made good money (because I built up high traffic sites) but I made A LOT more when I started promoting my own sales funnels.

Move in to your own sales funnel process a soon as you can. We talk about this subject at length in my free daily training for my Email Insiders Group. Just join up by using one of the forms on this page.

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