Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages: The Future of Web Content?

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages: The Future of Web Content?

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages will speed up your mobile browsing experience and could be the future of mobile content delivery

Back in October, Google unveiled a new open source project called Accelerated Mobile Pages.

The project’s purpose is to get web pages to load more quickly on mobile devices, thus providing a better user experience.

On Tuesday, Google announced it will start sending traffic to these pages in 2016 that meet the AMP criteria in their search results as described in their blog post:



Whether you want to find out the latest [news] or the next [recipes] to try in the kitchen, Search brings you fresh, high-quality content from around the web. Accelerated Mobile Pages are specially formatted web pages that enable Search to display this content extremely fast, while ensuring that publishers control the way their content looks and feels.

This demo of Accelerated Mobile Pages in Search utilizes content from a limited set of participating publishers and is accessible through the below links. We hope that it provides a glimpse of how fast the mobile web can become, and how Search is committed to making results fresher and browsing faster.

Testing and Adoption of Google Accelerated Mobile Pages Underway

Tech companies such as Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Adobe Analytics are starting to integrate AMP HTML Pages. It will be interesting to see if Facebook joins that group.

Speaking of the social network, it certainly appears that this is Google’s response to the Facebook Instant Articles initiative, although Facebook’s is not open source:

Instant Articles displays stories as much as ten times faster than conventional mobile browsers, while also providing the kind of fluid, high-quality experience and interactivity people expect.

Google says they intend to implement the AMP technology to services such as Google News.

We all know the future is mobile and these platforms could be the future of web content as we know it.

Stay tuned.

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