Innocent Golden Retriever Beaten to Death by Chinese Police Officer - Can You Help?

Innocent Golden Retriever Beaten to Death by Chinese Police Officer – Can You Help?


golden retriever beaten to death

Justice for gentle golden retriever mercilessly beaten by police officer in China

Sometimes I wonder what happened to humanity?

When someone can inflict unimaginable cruelty on the kindest of creatures…no wonder many out in the world hate the human species.

I wish THIS was fake news (as opposed to the junk we get fed on the internet) but tragically it is not.

Here’s the summary and what you can do to help:

China has no animal cruelty laws. People can torture, and beat them without any consequences. Just recently, a police officer, in the Hunan Province in China, mercilessly beat a gentle golden retriever for three hours until it died. This is not an isolated incident in China. It happens daily. We are demanding that this police officer be punished for his vicious and heinous act on the gentle dog! This petition will go to the U.S. Ambassador to China, Terry Branstad and other appropriate government officials.

The world is watching China and demanding justice!

If you could sign this petition it would mean a lot not only to me but thousands of others who are equally appalled by this…YES…heinous act!

If you could also share this I would appreciate it.

Here is the link again.

We’re all in this world together and we cannot stand idly by while scum such as this lives their life with no consequence.

Thanks for your time everyone.


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