Why You Should Get Your Own Domain Name

Why You Should Get Your Own Domain Name

get your own domain name

Getting your own domain name is a neccessary, simple start to branding yourself online

Are you familiar with Ted Cruz?  If not, he is a senator from Texas who is (at the time of this post) currently running for President of The United States.

I bring him up…not for a political debate (so no political comments please), but to illustrate why you should get your own domain name…in YOUR name.

Senator Cruz’ official site is at TedCruz.org. However, if you go to TedCruz.com you get a warning page, and if you proceed after that you get…

a page promoting President Obama.


I hope I don’t need to explain why that’s a huge mistake for the Senator.  Not only does he miss out on people who type in the .com address to find him but it hurts his branding online.  That’s a huge deal running for President I think you would agree.

Get Your Own Domain Name Before Someone Else Does

No, you’re not running for President.  But if you can own your name online it’s a definite advantage to have for a few reasons:

  • It can give you control how you look online when people search for you
  • You prevent people from owning your name and possibly smearing you

Trust me, this DOES happen. You have a fallout with someone in business or otherwise and they might decide to retaliate.

Everything is online these days and the more you can portray a positive reputation the better.

What If You Don’t Have a Business Online?

You should still get your own domain name.  You can always put one single page up and link to your social profiles (Facebook, etc….)

How to Get Your Own Domain Name

It’s super easy to do this.  Go to a service such as GoDaddy or Namecheap and their site(s) will walk you through it.  You can even call them and they’ll help you do it.

Always try to get the .com version of your name if possible.

You should control your own domain name…the reasons are obvious and it’s cheap.  Go grab it.

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