“It’s like you don’t get paid for answering emails…”

February 26, 2021

by Kenneth Holland

"It's like you don't get paid for answering emails."

This was the simple statement I shot out like a shell from a battleship to a fairly successful internet marketer. He had sent me a series of promotional emails offering me what looked like a pretty useful tool for my business.

Let me emphasize that I wanted to BUY THE PRODUCT. However, I had a key question that would determine if it would work for my business.

Here’s a quick rundown of my email messages to him and his responses:

“Hi ****,

Does this integrate with my opt in form?

I use Thrive themes (the theme I use and love, BTW) and I love how I can split test etc…


(No answer)

“I might be interested in this but need clarification on the above.


**** replies…

“Hi Kenneth!

sorry for the delay in replying,

I’m not sure – as I have standard autoresponders – I have sent an email to the product owners to find out.

I then wait 2 days and email again…

“Are you going to answer this??”

No answer.

Again, understand I wanted to BUY THE PRODUCT!!

Am I missing something here? (this is rhetorical...because I already know I'm missing nothing)

I wrote a blog post on this same subject some time back so apparently I’ll have to make this a yearly job.

Let me be clear on this subject:

If you can’t answer an email from a POTENTIAL customer (not to mention someone who actually says ‘I want to BUY your product!!’) then you need to quit this business.

Translation: You DO get paid for answering emails in this business...and no...I'm not talking about the scammy shit spam offers you see on Fartbook.

You get paid by offering simple customer service (hint: answer your damn emails) and showing your customer prospects you actually care (novel concept...make sure to write that down on your hand).

And yes, I'm also directing this to many of the online businesses that actually make money...

Stop being a flake.

You’re not being professional.

And you're ruining your business.

I’ve had other marketers actually tell me “I’m too busy to deal with email”.

You’re too busy? Then I certainly pray you have someone who does. Because if you don’t you’re a moron.

I think I’ve made my meaning plain?

Email is a two-way street. You must give if you're going to receive.

Answer...and be helpful.

Be a pro. Do one of the most elementary things you can EVER do in your business to be successful.

Or get out.

The choice is yours.

Don’t make it a dumb one.