Friday (don't let off), Trump, Is Ken a Debbie Downer, NAMM Show

Friday (don’t let off), Trump, Is Ken a Debbie Downer, NAMM Show

Friday (don’t let off), Trump, Is Ken a Debbie Downer, NAMM Show

Me and Michael Anthony (Van Halen)

Greetings from rainy Southern California!

We’re still in the throes of El Nino in what used to be sunny So Cal but the rain is not letting up. A good thing though as we really need it.

So in my Facebook Live video this morning (below)… let me cover what’s happening in our world (and how it affects you), follow me as I follow some burnt out musicians, and shoot you (hopefully) a few nuggets of wisdom.

Covered in today’s video (below):

Don’t Shut Down Because it’s Friday

– Just because it’s Friday doesn’t mean you shut down your biz. If you have a 9-5 job during the week I understand shutting it down to enjoy the weekend with fam and friends but there’s still ways to keep your IM biz going while relaxing. Let me explain.

Some are Freaking Over Trump. Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

– Today is a weird day for many because of who is about to become the new U.S. President. I’ll tell you why it doesn’t matter all that much and what you should focus on instead.

It’s Because I Care

– A lot of my posts lately have seemed to come off as negative to some of you. I’ll tell you why they are not and what my message is that you need to focus on.

Rockstars and a Bunch of Posing

– I’m headed to the Namm show in Anaheim, California today. In short, it’s a convention of all the major music instrument makers and a congregation of some of the most famous musicians alive. Follow me as I document the rock and roll journey…

There you have it! Watch my video:

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