The Freebie Hunter and Bear Spray

May 28, 2021

by Kenneth Holland

'The typical freebie hunter has one thing in common...actually 74 but let's keep it simple for the purposes of illustration...'

I've never been a big camper.

I have done it…but it’s been quite a long time. Actually, my idea of camping is stocking up on some cheese and cabernet at a Ritz Carlton, then making a fort with the pillows and monogrammed robes.

(I usually have a partner when I do this…)

Now...apparently, it’s recommended you take Bear spray if you’re going to camp in the deep woods.

'They' say you better hold that stuff in two hands when some big grizzly is staring you down.

I also recommend using Bear spray when confronted by the dreaded Tire-Kicker or Freebie Hunter.

The Freebie Hunter Explained...or Really Not Able To Be Explained...

For the uninitiated, these two types of people do essentially the same thing: They never buy anything to further their (so-called in their case) online marketing career, they always want whatever your selling for free, and always bitch that nothing ever works…even though they’ve never tried nor committed to anything in the first place.

So when you encounter these types online (and you will), my strong recommendation to you is to whip out this type of Bearspray:

“Oh, you want me to help you for free and give you my course? Well, the training actually went up to $997 and could keep going up based on more pathetic behavior.”

Another Bearspray tactic:

“It didn’t work? What? You didn’t actually read the course? It’s a scam?? Hold on a second….”

*quickly pull out Bearspray…then*


*sound of phone hanging up*

This second tactic renders the Freebie-Tire-Blabber unable to communicate with you…forever. (funny how that works)

The Freebie Seeker Doesn't Value Themself

See, the freebie hunter is always seeking freebies and gifts to enable him/her to cut corners.

They are always looking for the proverbial 'best deal'....actually 'free deal'.

Not always a bad thing...except these miscreants NEVER invest in themselves.

They are typically the ones calling out 'scam', 'ripoff' and 'wow, you're a sucker for buying anything online'.

Actually they're the suckers.

They refuse to invest in themselves on any level, and typically, they don't invest on any other level in life as well.

This is one of the reasons why I don't enter giveaways and lame-ass sweepstakes.

You Want to Succeed? Go Invest in Yourself Instead of Publishers Clearing House

There's real power in education...and I'm all for digging for it yourself. In fact, I do some form of that every day.

However, if you think 'gaming the system' is going to put you ahead of your competition, you're sadly mistaken.

Put down the lottery tickets. Go take control of your success.