The Four Horsemen of the Affiliates

The Four Horsemen of the Affiliates

The Four Horsemen of the Affiliates -

The Four Horsemen of the Affiliates want nothing more than to distract you with shiny objects, easy riches and no-work BS schemes. So what’s the answer?

…they ride in to town not bringing death, famine, war and conquest…

…they bring Facebook spamming, product-oriented pitches, no email list building and a get-rich-quick mentality.

People who are desperate search for the brass ring of riches…any way they can get it to avoid the inevitable stampede:

– Play the lottery
– Gamble
– Marry the rich dude (or dame) hanging at the hotel bar

Not the best of odds.

For some they set out to start their own business…

“I’m buying a franchise!” they say.

Not so fast…

The Four Horsemen of the Affiliates Are Out to Kill Your Cattle and Waste Your Time

> McDonalds: 7 figures plus just to get started
> Subway: $750,000
> 90 hours a week babysitting….yay.

I think you catch my pacifier.

So people turn to the web. An online biz. Low start-up…yeeeeaaaahh! That’s it!

Ugh…where to start? “I thought this would be easier…and SO much hype!” they opine.

Yep. Go to a ‘make money online’ group on Facebook and it makes sleazy used car salesmen look like Mother Teresa.

What to do?

You HAVE to educate yourself. Get the facts. Make informed decisions…

Learn the basics of marketing.

> Find your audience
> Create and give value
> Promote real stuff (aka…stay away from the hype)
> Invest in the basic tools of the trade
> Learn to become a leader
> Be consistent

It takes a real commitment…just like anything else in life.

Will you commit? How bad do you want it?

I have no clue. No idea what you are prepared to do to change you and your family’s life.

But there is opportunity everywhere…you just have to rise up and take it.

YOU have to decide if you’ll stay where you are or if you have had enough of where you are. You have to decide if you’re going to listen to people who are actually doing it vs. people who promise that you’ll make 900 bucks tomorrow sending emails inside a loophole wrapped in a spam mail.

Should you listen to me?

I can’t answer that…but I would say yes. If not, you better be careful who you listen to.

What horse do you want going forward?

I know what steed I picked…

If you’re ready click the link and book a call with me:

Kenneth Holland (aka the White Knight)

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