Flojos Flip Flops: GREAT Product…Flop Customer Service

April 27, 2021

by Kenneth Holland

Awhile back I bought a pair of Flojos Flip Flops. In case you haven’t heard of them, they are THE BEST flip flops I have ever owned.

Seriously, the best.

My last pair lasted 19 YEARS.

But their customer service was less than the best.

Actually they flopped.

There’s a lesson in here…and you should heed it...

Where is Flo When You Need Her...

Almost 20 years ago, my (now) ex bought me a pair of Flojos Flip Flops. She raved about them and told me I needed them because...

"...they are the best flip flops you can get."

She was right.

Why were they so good? They lasted forever and they never got hard and crusty (like a lot of cheap sandals do). (ahem....Reef.....)

So finally in 2019...one of the straps broke.

I figured it was time to get a new pair.

That proved to be difficult. I could not find a store that carried them. I thought, "well, maybe they're no longer around".

But lo and behold, they were. And I found their website.

So I reached out to them via their support email. I told them I had a pair that lasted for years (and that I LOVED them) and I very much wanted to get another pair.

But since it had been so long, I asked them point blank if they were the same durable but soft, rubbery quality that I had experienced.

After 2 emails and waiting a week this was the response I received:

Hey Kenneth,
Thanks for reaching out. Uhhh, not sure how to answer your question. People seem to love our shoes. We have several flip flops that are soft on our website: Tito, Chase, Jayden, Chimi and Waverunner.
Team Flojos

Some of you might be thinking..."what's the big deal with that answer, Ken?"


And this is where businesses miss the mark:

1. In today's ecommerce environment, a WEEK to reply is a big fat FAIL. Like going to the beach and there's 1 foot waves. This is not acceptable.

2. Look, the guy/gal who responded to me could be a surfer...which is dope. But don't say....


Don't. Put down the funny looking pipe with water in it and think about your answer to your customer that just raved about your shit!

3. Don't tell me that people seem to love your shoes. Tell me they DO! And tell me "they are just as damn good and thank you for the compliment...and that is RAD that you owned a pair for 20 years...let's go grab some suds bro!"

(Ok...you can leave out the beer part.)

Sell Me on Your Sandals for Gods Sakes Because THIS Could Happen...

Tell me I'm going to be just as happy with this new pair that I'm going to buy!

Here's the thing: After all that...I STILL bought the flip flops. If 'Duke' had paid attention, he could have sold me 2 pairs...


Excite Your Customer When He/She is Begging You to Do It!

Do you know how RARE it is when a customer goes out of the their way to rave about you? Those types of customers can potentially lead to HUNDREDS of other customers...if you're paying attention.

And again, your email game MUST BE ON POINT. And that simply means...answer them!

Yes, You Should Buy Flojos Flip Flops

They are that good, customer service be damned.

Geez, if this new pair lasted just 4 years they would be a great value (what lasts 4 years anymore?).

I'll tell you right now...I'd quadruple their sales in a year if I ran the company.

Well, maybe not. I'd probably be out surfing with Duke...